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New export plugin, new job

A few weeks ago a wish for kipi-plugins pointed me to an interessting, flash based image gallery tool, SimpleViewer. The reporter mentioned, that picasa already has an export option to SimpleViewer. Ha! We too now!


I _finally_ started working in my new job this week. Actually, I don't think I will have more spare time (to work on digikam) than before, but the new job is much more interessting than the former one and at last my linux machine found its way back to my desktop :-)

I guess Achim and Tom will be thrilled because I use kubuntu on my machines at work. Ah!, additionally I convinced one of my new colleagues to test it at home too.


I'm using kubuntu for about one week now, and since Tom told planet kde I'm using kubuntu now, I have to tell you I'm still shaky when booting my machine ... not to boot gentoo!


Well, it seems everybody has to have a blog today, so do we.

I was a happy gentoo user for about 4 years now, but Achim and Tom always bugged me why I spend so much time compiling new programs. Actually they are wrong, my machine is fast enough so I wasn't hold off my keyboard for any time :) But I'm curious, so why shouldn't I test it. I've spent the last days installing and configuring kubuntu, my needed software and played with the new system (Jonathan: most of the time was for playing :). Now I have to agree, kubuntu is fun. Someone told me "it just works". Well he is right.

I guess I will use it for some time, maybe the time is come to change my distribution.

Hey, I can hear Tom and Achim applaude!

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