Preparing 0.9.0 beta1

digiKam 0.9.0 beta1 have been planed to release during May. All developpers working hard to solve last bugs and polish the implementation.

0.9.0 will be a major version with a lot of new features, improvements, and bugfix.

We have started to update screenshot sections of web site using current implementation. Take a tour in the new digiKam world...

Good job

Hey, I just want to say wow. I was not aware of this application until I read you blog and was impressed top see that you have a more that a simple image editor. I am not a profeesional photographer bot a hobbiest and was looking for a aperture or lightroom type application in linux.

I know that you are not up to that still but it looks usefull. I think taht between you and krita I have most of my photo needs fufill. I hope that you collaborate with the krita project because there are some of your plugins that would also be nice on krita.

Anyway good job and I am looking ofward to stable release so that I can use my RAW images. I was also wondering if you had considered making a non-destructive image processing so that the original are the masters and never touched. Just an idea.

I like this prog

I would like to use it, and scan in my old photos.
Is it easy to build in a feature in verison 0.9 that you can directly scan in digiKam?

the exif-bugs are still

the exif-bugs are still there since version 7.0 to version 9.0 beta1: when I send pictures via mail by digikam it does not turn them. I wanted to create a webpage with digikam but it didn't turn the pictures too. the slideshow did't turn the pictures too. could you fix the exif-bugs in the future?

thank you for the nice program-it's one of the best for linux-the only real concurrence is picasa