First Movie Tour file about digiKam 0.9.0

Trying the "Wink" program to capture screen shots as a movie, I have created a Flash file about how to import a RAW file in 16 bits color depth into digiKam image editor using Color Management.

- See how the Color Management plugin has been improved and is used automatically to properly import a RAW file in 16 bits. All the settings will be saved between plugin instances to work easily with a lot of RAW files.

- The target image saved with editor is a PNG file in 16 bits color depth.

- See how the metadata will be preserved in target file (Exif/Makernote).

The file (17MB) to show is at this url

I hope this movie will inspire digiKam fans to create new digiKam 0.9.0 Tour Movies. There is a lot of new digiKam 0.9.0 features to present like this... If somebody wants to create a new flash file, I will be happy to post it in the digiKam web project page when 0.9.0-beta1 will be released.

Let me hear your comments on mailing-list...

Non-flash version?

Is it possible to get a non-flash version of the movie. For example in Ogg Theora or in XviD or samething like this. This would be nice because there is no flash player for 64-bit systems and for many other non-Linux platforms.

any chance to get this video

any chance to get this video in an open format?

Eager to see the new beta

I am eager to get this new beta version, and I hope it will soon be in portage, I would like to use the new feature to adjust my KM A5D's pictures.

recording swfs

have a look at:
Perhaps it is better to record swf using this.

Please, prefer ScreenKast to

Please, prefer ScreenKast to Wink... would improve accessibility and avoid flash.