Fourth Movie Tour file about digiKam 0.9.0

This is my fourth flash screen movie to promote again the future digiKam 0.9.0 with the new black and white converter.

- See the digiKam search tool in action. Now digiKam indexes the metadata from RAW, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files (where 0.8.x indexed only JPEG files). This information will be used to perform items searching on albums collection.

- See how a RAW color picture is imported into the editor in 16 bits color depth.

- See how the black & white converter is used to change color tonality and to apply black & white effects. Each set of filters and tonality is independent and shows a thumbnail preview on the right sidebar. Finally, a curve can be edited to set the exposure.

- See how a decorative border is added to a target image to beautify the picture.

The file (18MB) to show is at this url


With Gilles' permission, I've set up a mirror at - I hope I have enough bandwidth - to provide a faster connection to the files.