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Latest News

Call to Test the Pre-Release of 5.6.0

// Simon Frei

Once again a lot has been going on behind the scenes since the last release. The HTML gallery tool is back, database shrinking (e.g. purging stale thumbnails) is also supported on MySQL, grouping has been improved and additional sidecars can now be specified. Therefore the release of 5.6.0 will be (is already) delayed, as we would like to invite you to test all these features. As usual they are available in the pre-release bundles or obviously directly from the git repository.

The new digiKam web presence

// Mica Semrick

Notice something a bit different? So do we! The folks from the PIXLS.US community saw that digiKam needed an update to the old website (previously running on an older Drupal instance) for security reasons and they wanted to help out. So after several weeks of hard work, the digiKam team has deployed a new look-and-feel for the website that is easier to navigate and mobile-friendly. Don’t worry, all the content from the old website has been preserved so all the old links should be fine.



Large Collections

digiKam can easily handle libraries containing more than 100,000 images

Efficient Editing Workflow

Process raw files, edit JPEGs, publish photos to social media

Work with Metadata

Harness the power of XMP. View and edit metadata

Free and Open Source

digiKam is an open-source application that respects your freedom