digiKam wins c't Linux photo suite comparison

The computer magazine c't compares different photo management suites for Linux in issue 14/2007. The focus is on organizing photos and the most important image editing features, like color correction, sharpening, noise reduction or effect filters. Compared to KPhotoalbum, f-spot, picasa and GThumb, digiKam was the only program that recieved the highest rating (++) for searching and image editing. Moreover, import/export, photo management and presentation were rated as (+). It is worth pointing out, that digikam could win this review just with its basic features, while the professional aspects of digikam 0.9.2 like 16bit/color, advanced raw handling, color management, geo-data handling or the new light table comparison tool were not taken into account.
This review is stimulation for the whole team which is in the process of porting the program to KDE4.