Marble widget used in digiKam for geolocation of photo...

With digiKam for KDE4, i have just added Marble shared libary support to geolocalize your photo over the world map. This replace the limited flat world map used with KDE3 release. See below a screenshot of digiKam with a geolocalized RAW photo.


Currently, marble is only used in right sidebar to show where have been taken a photo over the world. In the future, i plan to display a tracklist if a lots of pictures are selected from icon view. Geolocalization sidebar tab is available also on lighttable, camera interface, and image editor.


Also, I have plan to design a new Search tool using Marble widget to be able to find pictures from whole images collection using a map.

digikam marble

It would be cool to be able to change the map to street map if possible...

file exist in bugzilla...

A file already exist in bugzilla about this subject. this require some change in marble widget api to be able to control these settings.

Gilles Caulier