digiKam wins TUX 2005 Readers Choice Award

tuxarward digiKam has been awarded the TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award in the category Favorite Digital Photo Management Tool.

We are very proud we received this prize, especially because it is a prize for which the users have voted. TUX is the first and only magazine for the new Linux user and is dedicated to promoting and simplifying the use of Linux on the PC.

We are in the middle of an impressive list of Winners: KDE (as favorite desktop environment), Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, gpilot, OpenOffice, XMMS, MPlayer, Frozen Bubble, vi and The Gimp.

The people behind digiKam are: Renchi Raju, Caulier Gilles, Jörn Ahrens, a lot of contributors and a large amount of translators!

Thanks for voting on digiKam.