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Notes about "Modifiers" in the digiKam rename tool

Some users have asked me what modifiers are. They don't seem to know this concept in a renaming tool and are a little bit confused by it.
I will try to explain what the modifiers do and why I implemented the renaming tool in such a way.
Modifiers in digiKam rename tool

Update: Error Handling

Renaming in digiKam has syntax highlighting now

Just a quick comment that renaming in digiKam is capable of using syntax highlighting now. It should be easier to decipher a renaming string this way :-)
A quick demo video can be found here:

... as well as some screenshots:

New renaming tool for digiKam


In the past renaming images in digiKam was not very powerful. Most users (me too) renamed their images with KRename, a quite powerful batch renamer. But calling KRename from the "Open With..." dialog in digiKam was not very intuitive, it just felt wrong.

digiKam can manage nearly every piece of information found in an image, therefore it would be nice to have all this information available for file renaming, too, since renaming is one of the basic managing tasks.

New 'auto-correction-mode' for the Free Rotation image plugin

A few weeks ago I added a new feature to the Free-Rotation imageplugin: 'Automatic (Horizon) Correction'.

digiKam - FreeRotation auto mode

This is nothing new, Gimp and Photoshop (and for sure other applications) have such a feature, too.
You set two points in the preview widget and hit "Adjust" to rotate the image accordingly to these markers.

New kipi-plugin: Automatically remove red-eyes (in batch mode)

Some years ago, we had an addition to our family and I took a lot of photos in that time. During the months I had taken nearly 2000 images of the newborn, but most of them had red-eyes on it.
This happens quite a lot with little children since their pupils don't close that fast and the light of the camera flash is reflected by the eye.

new batch red eyes removal tool

digiKam 0.9.4-rc2 release

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

The digiKam development team is happy to release 0.9.4-rc2. The digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge.
NEW FEATURES (since 0.9.3):

General : external libsqlite3 dependency removed. sqlite3 source code is now included in digiKam core (see B.K.O #160966).
General : English words review in whole GUI by Oliver Dörr.
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