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digiKam and Kipi-plugins 1.7 windows installer is available


digiKam team is proud to announce that a new windows installer for digiKam software collection is available. You can download it from here

This installer includes a copy of all the dependencies of digiKam and kipi-plugins including Qt 4.6.2, KDE 4.4.4, exiv2 0.21, libkdcraw 1.3.0, libraw 0.12.1, etc...

New tool to add vignetting

Accordingly with KDE bugzilla entries #177827 and #218906, i have slightly modified the vignetting tool, now you can add vignetting to your pictures:

Adding vignetting to a picture using Digikam

Vignetting can be used as a creative tool to focus attention to the center of the picture.

This feature will be included in digiKam 1.1.0. I hope you will like it. Please provide feedback !

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