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Porting to Qt4 and its model view concept - testers needed


During the last two months Marcel and I ported all tree views in digiKam from Qt3 to Qt4 and its model view concept. These changes are now included in the svn trunk. The new code still needs some serious testing and we would appreciate your help on this.

Some parts of the current digiKam release still rely on old Qt3 support classes. Most prominent are the various tree views in the main view, e.g. for selecting an album to show in the central icon view or filtering by tag. My job since the coding sprint was to port these tree views to Qt4 using the model view concept introduced there. Marcel already wrote the models some time ago so that I could start my work on a solid foundation. This work was done in a separate feature branch for the last two months. Now, after the 1.1.0 release, this branch is merged back into trunk and ready to be included in the next release of digiKam.

But as usual with GUI changes this can introduce some regressions as user interfaces are hard to test automatically. Therefore we would really like you to test the current trunk code including these changes before releasing the next version of digiKam. Try to find as many bugs as you can that we have introduced here. ;)

If you are not yet familiar on how to test current development code, this page gives you a short introduction how to get and compile digiKam from source. For reporting bugs please use the normal KDE bug tracker.

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