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Prevent Photos in digiKam from Disappearing

Versioning in digiKam provides an excellent mechanism for non-destructive editing, but it does have a tiny quirk that can be a bit confusing if you are not aware of it.

With the Versioning feature enabled, digiKam automatically displays only the most recent version of a photo and hides all the previous revisions, including the original file. This functionality helps to avoid clutter in the main thumbnail view, but this creature comfort can also cause panic when you all of a sudden can’t find the original photos. Continue to read

Add a Vintage Effect in digiKam

Want to add a vintage effect to your photos? digiKam has all the tools you need to turn your digital snapshots into vintage masterpieces.

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digiKam Recipes 3.9.19 Released

This release features the new Add a Vintage Effect in digiKam recipe along with a raft of minor improvements, tweaks, and fixes.

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Check and Optimize digiKam's Databases

By default, digiKam uses two SQLite databases for storing essential data: digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db. And to make the application run fast and smoothly, it’s a good idea to check and optimize the databases every now and then. Continue to read

digiKam Recipes 3.9.15 Released

First off, the digiKam Tricks book has got a new title: digiKam Recipes. Why? Because I like the word "recipe" better. :-) To celebrate this momentous event, a new version of the digiKam Recipes book is available for your reading pleasure. The new version features the Check and Optimize digiKam's Databases recipe as well as a few minor tweaks and corrections. Continue to read

digiKam in c’t Digital Photography

The latest issue #6 of c't Digital Photography features an in-depth article about digiKam by yours truly.

c't Digital Photography is a relatively new quarterly magazine published by Heise, one of the most respected magazine publishing houses in Germany. Continue to read

digiKam 2.2.0 Installer for Windows

Good news for those who want to run the latest version of digiKam on Windows. The  SourceForge repository now has a Windows installer of the latest digiKam version courtesy of Ananta Palani.

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Create Slick Slideshows with digiKam

It's easy to dismiss digiKam's slideshow functionality as a feature of no particular use. After all, most photographers prefer to publish their photos using the photo sharing service of their choice. But the slideshow feature can come in handy when showcasing photos on your machine is the only option.

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Show Photos on Google Earth and Google Maps with digiKam

digiKam offers several ways to showcase your photos. You can view images as a slideshow, push them to a photo sharing service of your choice, and even export them as a static HTML gallery.

But that's not all; digiKam can output selected photos as a KML bundle, so you can view your snaps on the Google Maps service and the Google Earth application.

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digiKam Tricks 3.9.5 Released

Besides a few tweaks and fixes as well as a new front cover, this release includes the following new material:

  • Show Photos on Google Earth and Google Maps
  • The Host Your Own Photo Gallery with Piwigo appendix now covers the Piwigo app for Android

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