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Five Quick digiKam Tricks

A handful of quick digiKam tips and trips for your perusal.

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Use the Focal Length Analyzer Script with digiKam

The Focal Length Analyzer is a nifty little Bash script that pulls focal length data from digiKam’s database back end and generates nice graphs based on the extracted data.

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Quick Tip: Disable Certain File Types in digiKam

digiKam supports an impressive range of file formats, so you can use the application to handle RAW files, movies and everything in between. But what if you want to explicitly exclude a specific type of files? digiKam offers a simple solution for that.

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digiKam Tricks 3.9.3 Released

As the number version suggests, this is a minor release which features a handful of tweaks and corrections as well as improved compatibility with the Cool Reader app for Android.

Although attention in this release was focused on tweaks and fixes, the book includes the following new material:

  • Disable Certain File Types
  • Use the Focal Length Analyzer Script with digiKam

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Process Photos with Batch Queue Manager and a Bash Script

One of digiKam’s lesser known features is the ability to link scripts to notifications. At first sight, this may seem like a rather obscure functionality, but it can be put to some clever uses. Say, you want to keep a portfolio of selected photos on a mobile device. Resizing multiple photos to a specified size to make it easier to view them on the mobile device and transferring the processed photos from digiKam to the mobile device manually is not very practical. And this is where the ability to trigger scripts via notifications can come in handy. You can attach a simple Bash script to the Batch queue completed notification, so it’s triggered automatically when the Batch Queue Manager tool is done processing photos.

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digiKam Tricks 3.9 Released

This release includes the following new material:

  • Import Photos in digiKam
  • Process Photos with digiKam’s Batch Queue Manager and a Bash Script

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Import Photos in digiKam

Using the commands tucked under the Import menu, you can offload photos from your camera, storage card, or USB stick directly into the application. What's more, the Import dialog box offers a few clever features that allow you to configure the import operation. Continue to read

Submit a digiKam Tip, Win a ZaReason Teo Pro Netbook

Teo Pro netbook

WorldLabel has kindly agreed to sponsor a competition for the best digiKam tip, where the winner will bag a cool Ubuntu-based Teo Pro netbook from ZaReason. Continue to read

digiKam Tricks 3.7 Released

This release includes the following new material:

  • Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Tags
  • Configure the Main Toolbar in digiKam
  • Host Your Own Photo Gallery with Piwigo

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Configure the Main Toolbar in digiKam

The main toolbar in digiKam provides quick access to several tools and features, and you can tweak it to fit your particular photographic workflow. To do this, choose the Settings » Configure Toolbars command. This opens the Configure Toolbars dialog window where you can add, remove, and tweak toolbar buttons. Continue to read

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