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New Features in digiKam 2.0: Geolocation

Geolocation is not a new feature, but in digiKam 2.0 it has been thoroughly reworked to streamline the process of geotagging photos. The new Geolocation interface (Image » Geo-location) aggregates all geotagging tools in one place. Continue to read

New Features in digiKam 2.0: Color Labels and Picks

Besides numerous improvements, digiKam 2.0 brings a handful of new features, including Color Labels and Picks. As the name suggests, the Color Labels feature allows you to assign color codes to your photos. Continue to read

Manage Photos from Multiple digiKam Installations

Storing your photos on a server or network disk? Want to manage them from several Linux-based machines using digiKam? Here is how to do that. Continue to read

Install the Latest Beta of digiKam on Ubuntu 10.10

If you are running Ubuntu 10.10 or its derivatives and you are itching to try the latest version of digiKam, you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of compiling the application yourself. Philip Johnsson did the hard work for you and released the neatly packaged version of digiKam on his PPA, so you can easily install the latest beta version of the next major release of digiKam with a minimum of fuss. Continue to read

Batch Process Photos in digiKam

When you need to apply the same action to multiple photos, digiKam’s batch processing capabilities can come in rather handy. And the photo management application provides different ways to apply actions to a photo batch in one fell swoop. Continue to read

digiKam Tricks 2.0 Released

The digiKam Tricks book version 2.0 is now available. Here is what's new in this release:

  • New book cover
  • Convert Photos to Black and White
  • Geotag Photos with Open GPS Tracker and digiKam
  • Instant Vintage Photo Effects with the FIL Script for GIMP
  • Work with Photo Metadata in digiKam
  • New figures added
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes
  • Touch up Photos with GIMP Scripts removed
  • Geotag Photos with Geotag removed

Work with Photo Metadata in digiKam

Inside each digital photo hides metadata in the EXIF, IPTC, or XMP formats, and digiKam provides tools for viewing and editing this useful information.

For starters, digiKam’s main window features the dedicated Metadata sidebar which lets you view EXIF, Makernote, IPTC, and XMP metadata. You can switch between concise and full views as well as print the metadata, save them as a file, and copy them into the clipboard. Continue to read

Geotag Photos with Open GPS Tracker and digiKam

You don’t need a fancy camera with a built-in GPS receiver to geotag your photos. An Android device with the Open GPS Tracker app and digiKam can do the job just fine. The app lets you track your route and save it as a GPX file which you can then use to geocorrelate your photos in digiKam. Continue to read

Convert Photos to Black and White with digiKam

If you fancy black and white photography, you'll be pleased to learn that digiKam features a rather powerful tool for converting color photos to black and white. Turning the currently edited photo to black and white in digiKam is a matter of choosing Color » Black & White. But in most cases, the converted photo needs additional tweaking, and the application offers a few nifty tools to do just that. Continue to read

Sieve through Photos with digiKam’s Light Table Tool

If you have a handful of storage cards in your photo bag, there is no need to worry about how many photos you can take before your digital camera runs out of memory. This means that you can easily take dozen of shots of the same subject trying different angles, composition, and lighting. But this also makes the task of picking the best photo from the batch a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, digiKam provides a simple yet efficient tool that can help you to compare and analyze multiple photos side by side and pick the one you like most. Continue to read

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