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How to create panorama’s in digiKam 2.1

digikam 2.1 has been released a few days ago with many new features and improvements, one of the most exciting tools in this release is the panorama tool. Which is simple and quite effective.

Select the images that you want to stitch and go to tools> stitch images into a panorama( Continue to read...)

Batch Convert Your RAW Files Using digiKam

Processing RAW files can be time consuming, in case you have certain amount of RAW files which need to be converted into a more accessible for format within a few minutes , then digiKam's batch RAW converting tool can be very handy and efficient and it takes a few clicks.

(Continue to read..)

How to install digiKam 2.0 beta 5 in Ubuntu & Kubuntu 11.04

If you are using ubuntu 11.04 and if you are eager to test the upcoming digiKam 2.0 beta releases then you should use Philip Johnson's PPA to install the latest beta of digiKam 2.0.( Continue to read...)

Performing Fuzzy Searches In digiKam

One of the useful tools that can be found in digiKam is the ability to perform fuzzy searches, where the user can guess and sketch the colors that the image may contain.

Inorder to perform a fuzzy search you need to rebuild the image finger prints in your database. Continue to read

Adding Borders To Use Photos Using digiKam

Many people add borders to there images, since they make the image look better and stands out unique and digiKam makes this very easy and simple!

There are two ways to apply image borders in digiKam... Continue to read

Writing Meta Data To Raw Files In digiKam

Almost all images contain meta-data and these data contains all the setting that you used to create the picture, these include, shutter speed, aperture, focal length etc.

Most image management applications allows you to add and remove custom meta data to your files. This can be easily done while using JPEG's files. However the same is not very true for RAW files. Continue to read...

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