Kipi-plugins 0.2.0-beta2 for KDE4 released

To prepare the future Coding Sprint with kipi-plugins developpers, a second beta release of digiKam plugins box is out.


See below the list of new features and bugs-fix coming with this release:

digiKam event: KDE Imaging coding sprint planed...

A coding sprint is planed to Genoa - Italy by me and Angelo Naselli. The goal of this event is to improve KDE4 digikam and kipi-plugins code.

The event dates are set from 31 october to 2 november. We will hosted by ALID Association which will provide a room with internet connection. The event will be sponsored by KDE-ev.

Peoples who will contribute to this events are:

digiKam has a new tool to convert RAW camera files to DNG...

Yes! a DNG converter for Linux...

digiKam has a new friend: LibRaw...

3 weeks ago, i have received a mail from a contributor named Holger Berger. He send me a patch against dcraw implementation included in libkdcraw, to parallelize demosaicing operations using OpenMP library. After some tests on my dual core computer i have immediately felt the power of parallelized code: it's faster.

We have tried to contact Dave Coffin to include this patch officially in dcraw... without success (no response). Why ? He don't like OpenMp certainly... So we have looked for another way to use this patch.

digiKam 0.10.0-beta3 release for KDE4

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

The digiKam development team is happy to release the 3rd beta release dedicated to KDE4. The digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge.
Raw Import tool for KDE4

Take care, it's always a BETA code with many of new bugs not yet fixed... Do not use yet in production...

digiKam Image Editor Usability Improvements... (screencast)

I am currently working with Andi Clemens to improve some important usability issues in Image Editor and Showfoto.

Editing RAW metadata with digiKam

This is a great news for photographers: digiKam is now able to edit metadata from RAW files. Andreas Huggel from Exiv2 project has started to support writting mode with some TIFF/EP RAW files in this library. Currently Adobe DNG, Nikon NEF, and Pentax PEF file are supported.

See below a screenshot of digiKam for KDE4 editing XMP metadata from a NEF file:

Which future image file format for digital camera...

JPEG, the current standard

Currently, all camera support JPEG format to store photograph. This format is very popular, robust. Image can be encoded/decoded very quickly and algorithm are very optimized to be embedded into device. Under Linux libjpeg is available and very stable, but is not maintained since a very long time.

digiKam now support Nikon D700, Canon EOS 1000D, and Olympus E-520 RAW files...

Today, i have updated libkdcraw with last dcraw implementation from Dave Cofin. New pro camera are now supported as Nikon D700, Canon EOS 1000D, and Olympus E-520. So, digiKam is now able to play with these cameras as well.

Akademy 2008

I'm currently at Akademy 2008. The event is located in Belgium near Mechelen (south of Anvers).

This is really a big event about KDE community. It's very well organized (memorable social event in a Belgium brewery, with a lots of beer sponsored by Nokia who are connecting peoples really (:=)))...

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