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digiKam Online Handbook

The digiKam documentation comes as a separate package usually called digikam-doc) which you have to install for local use. But you can read it online as well (updated automatically each Friday). Some options might differ from your local installation because the online manuals belongs to the development version:

A wiki page hosted by KDE project is under contruction. Every one can contribute to add and fix wiki contents. Look here for details.

API and Database schema

If you plan contribute as developer to digiKam, you might find these links interesting:

Use SQliteBrowser or the sqlite firefox extension to play with SQlite3 database files.

Online Source Code


We'll be happy to take up your remarks, corrections or patches to make our manuals even better, we care for details like wrong plural forms etc.

If you'd like to contribute to the documentation, have a look at the contrib page.