Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source


Package By Distribution

Install a package that is made available through your distribution.

Keep in mind that distro-provided versions of digiKam could be out of date. macOS and Windows users should refer to the official bundles listed above.

Pre-Release Bundles

These are compiled pre-release versions provided by the team for testing purposes only.

This is the easiest way to try the current implementation that hasn’t been released yet. This includes a universal Linux AppImage, macOS package, and Windows installer.

Get the latest Pre-Release bundles here.

Compile the Official Release

This is an option for those that are comfortable with compiling the project themselves.

Get the source for the latest official release and build.

Compile Latest Development Version

This is more complicated, but is as recent as possible. This is for when you want to help with finding bugs or to hack on the project as a contributor.o

Get the latest code from our git repository.

You can choose the one which fits you best. We provide detailed instructions for each of them. Note: check the dependencies before trying to compile digiKam.