With digiKam you can :


  • Organization of Photos in Albums and sub-Albums
    Comments can be added to Albums
    Tags can be added to Albums

  • Exif support
    Makernotes support
    Iptc support
    Xmp support
  • Tags, Rating, Date and Time, Comments, Photographers ID, and Copyrights are stored in
    pictures metadata. Comments are also stored in JPEG files to JFIF section.
    For a better interoperability with other photo management programs, digiKam information
    as tags and rating as are saved to metadata.
    This way your pictures contain all your comments and other information you have set in digiKam!
  • DateTime/PhotographerId/Copyright Exif metadata and/or IPTC tags can be set on the fly
  • Metadata from new pictures imported to digiKam album collection are scanned automatically.
    digiKam information are created automatically in database accordingly with pictures metadata
  • A SQLite database is used to store all Albums and items meta-information
  • Albums can be classified by user-specified categories and tags
  • Automatic sorting of Photo Albums in chronological order:
    • By folder
    • By category
    • By creation date
  • Automatic sorting of Album items in chronological order:
    • By name
    • By path
    • By date
    • By files size
  • Filtering album items:
    • By rating
    • By filename
    • By file type
    • By tags
  • Drag and drop support between digiKam and other applications


  • Driving all digital camera types supported by Gphoto2 project:
    • Over 1200 digital camera devices supported
    • Serial connection
    • USB connection
    • USB/IEEE Mass storage connection
    • Connecting auto-detection of camera
  • Importing pictures from digital still cameras. Operations currently supported are:
    • Deleting images
    • Uploading images
    • Lock images
    • Auto-rename pictures during import
    • Auto-rotate pictures during import
    • Auto-creation of albums during import
    • LossLess conversion during import
    • Advanced camera information
  • Capture images from camera (GPhoto2 devices only)


  • Support for RAW pictures using LibRaw included in libKdcraw
    Support of more 800 proprietary RAW camera file formats.
    Complete camera list is given here
  • Easy comparing similar pictures using Light Table:
    • Files displayed side by side
    • Synchronized panning and zooming
    • Navigation by pair
    • Raw files support
  • digiKam core, image editor and image filters support 16 bits color depth pictures (RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000).
    Image Editor has a full Color Management support using ICC color profiles.
  • Thumbnail sizes can be adapted to your screen size on the fly
  • Sidebar used everywhere to display
    • metadata
      • Image information
      • Metadata
      • Geolocation
    • image file properties
      • comments/tags/rating/date
      • tag filter information
      • colors information: histogram and ICC profile
  • Fast preview pictures mode embedded into albums interface with zoom and panning features

Plugins architectures

To ease development and to share code with other applications, digiKam make use of kipi-plugins architecture.


  • Export to HTML
  • Send pictures by email
  • Export to 23
  • Export to Flickr
  • Export to Flash
  • Export to PicasaWeb
  • Export to SmugMug
  • Export to Piwigo
  • Import From/Export to FaceBook
  • Import From/Export to Shwup
  • Export to Zooomr
  • Export to Gallery powered websites
  • Export to KML
  • Export to a local directory or remote computer using KIO protocols (ftp, ssh, smb, fish, svn, tar ...)


  • Calendar creation wizard
  • Print wizard
  • Create slideshow

Other tools available in digiKam core

  • Lossless transformations with JPEG pictures
  • Add GPS coordinates to images by synchronizing them with a GPX files (created by GPS receivers and/or GPS tools), or by manually editing the longitude/latitude/altitude or also by using Google Map capabilities.
  • Acquire image (eg. with a flat scanner)
  • RAW image converter
  • DNG converter
  • Adjust time and date
  • Edit Pictures Metadata
  • Create slideshow
  • Images batch processing


  • Fast image editor with keyboard shortcuts and basic photo editing/management features
    without losing metadata. Features available in Image editor are:
    • 16 bits image color depth support.
    • RAW camera image support.
    • Histogram viewer
    • Color Management support.
    • ICC profiles tool to perform advanced color corrections into images
    • ICC profile viewer
    • Exporting to another image format
    • Removing images from current Album
    • Image comments editing
    • Image file properties
    • EXIF/MakerNote/IPTC/GPS viewer
    • Zooming
    • Printing images
  • Red eyes correction
  • Brightness / Contrast / Gamma correction
  • Hue / Saturation / Luminosity correction
  • Color balance
  • Invert colors
  • Color auto-correction tools: Normalize / Equalize / Auto levels / Stretch Contrast
  • Blur / Sharpen
  • Ratio-cropping with proportion aids and composing tools based on Fibonacci rules
  • Free cropping
  • Black and White and tonality converter using curves adjustments
  • Rotation
  • Flipping
  • Adjust levels : a tool to adjust the photograph histogram levels manually
  • Adjust curves : a tool to adjust the photograph colors using curves
  • Noise Reduction : noise filter based on wavelet algorithm
  • Liquid Rescale : content aware resizing to change ratio of a picture while keeping the content intact
  • Local Contrast : a pseudo HDR-tonemapping tool to recover highlights and shadows while keeping local contrast
  • Unsharp Mask : a photograph unsharp mask filter to unblur picture without increase noise
  • Lens Distortion : a tool for correct lens spherical aberration on photograph
  • Vignetting : a tool for removing or adding vignetting on photograph
  • Channel Mixer : a tool to mix the photograph color channels
  • White Balance : a tool to adjust white color temperature balance of photograph
  • Photograph Inpainting : a tool to remove unwanted photograph area using CImg library
  • Photograph Refocus : a sharpness editor to refocus a photograph
  • Hot Pixels Correction : a tool to remove photograph hot pixels generated by a deficient camera
  • Photograph Restoration : a tool to reduce photograph artifacts using CImg library
  • Free Rotation : a plugin to rotate a photograph with a free angle in degrees
  • Shear Tool : a plugin to shear a photograph horizontally and vertically
  • Perspective Tool : a plugin to adjust the photograph perspective
  • Add Border : a tool to add decorative frame around a photograph
  • Insert Text : a tool to insert text under a photograph
  • Apply Texture : a tool to apply a decorative texture to a photograph
  • Solarize : a tool to solarize a photograph
  • Oil Paint : simulate oil painting on photograph
  • Emboss : an effect filter to emboss photograph
  • Rain Drops : adding the visual effect of raindrops on photograph
  • Charcoal : simulate charcoal drawing on photograph
  • Film Grain : simulate film grain on photograph
  • Infrared : simulate infrared film effect on photograph
  • Blur FX : apply blurring special effects on photograph
  • Distortion FX : apply distortion special effects on photograph
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