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digikam 0.8.2-beta1 released

by Anonymous

We are pleased to announce digiKam 0.8.2 beta1.

New features:

o display JPEG that use CMYK color space

o Rating image using keyboard shortcuts CTRL+0/1/2/3/4/5 from
main interface (#123646)

o Buttons to set the album date to oldest, yougest of the
images in the album (#120963)

Bugs fixed:

o #123742: preview-pictures seem to be handled differently by
Digikam and Konqueror

o #121905: albums not displayed corectly and digikam crashes
with St9bad_alloc

o #120053: digikam: whatthis info not closed when albumview is
scrolled up or down with cursur keys

o #120052: digikam: redraw problem with whatthis info of an
image show and starts scrolling with the mouse

o #119946: thumbnails not correctly rotated according to exif

o #116248: Ask user which plugins should be enabled on first
startup (all plugins are enabled by default first startup)

o #115460: opening and closing right pane with tag filter also
changes width of left pane and vv

o #121646: Digikam on PPC has problem identifying JPEG and tries
to use dcraw with them

o #120479: Search problem for not tagged or commented images
#120775: Search doesn't find pictures without rating

Source download: