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digiKam 0.8.2 rc1 released

by Anonymous

The digiKam Team is pleased to announce digiKam 0.8.2-rc1.

digiKam is a digital photo management application for KDE,
focussed on importing, organizing and editing digital photos.
Aimed at all types of users.

The source for 0.8.2-rc1 is available from:


Changes since 0.8.2-beta1 include:

New feature:

o add missing Rating info in album item file tip and image
properties dialog

Bugs fixed:

o fix JFIF comments section encoding extraction to respect UTF8

o fix x-raw.desktop: removed tiff extention

o camera download: auto-rotated images lose EXIF meta data

o fix message about missing dcraw program

o EXIF info lost when saving a modified image that was readonly

o Hash marks ('#') in album names cause problems. 0.7.* regression

o something is broken with TIFF imlib2 loader and 16 bits
images. Use KDE/Qt TIFF loader instead. (#125916)

More details in the ChangeLog file.

Achim Bohnet
digiKam team