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digiKam and digiKamPlugins RC2 released !

by fabien

The digiKam team is proud to announce the second release candidate of digiKam 0.9.0 and digiKamimageplugins 0.9.0.

The 0.9 series has been under heavy development since November 2005. After having released three beta versions and a first release candidate, we are now entering the last phase of fixing critical bugs and testing.

So, download, compile and try it ! Help us to make the final release a very reliable version !

The source for digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins 0.9.0-rc1 is available at this url

All digiKam 0.9-rc1 features can be seen at this url

New features and bug fixes since rc1 are listed below:

  • General: Exiv2 dependency fixed to 0.12 release
  • General: Fix broken compilation using “./configure -enable-final” option
  • ImageEditor: Fixed and improved Color Management View workflow
  • 115125 : remaining endianess issue on PowerPC with White Balance tool
  • 137495 : showfoto crashes when doing any modification to a loaded directory
  • 137845 : Album Header cut off (squeezed) when entering two or more lines in Album comment
  • 137886 : When a tag is moved in the left panel it’s position is not updated in the right panel
  • 135834 : Lowercasing camera filenames only works for first imported file/li>
  • 134391 : digiKam camera gui dialog crashes if there is a filename without extension/li>
  • 131947 : digiKam complains about invalid ICC profiles path
  • 130176 : Typos in digiKam.po and one plugin
  • 138252 : Display is not updates when switching color managed view on/off
  • 138253 : Keyboard shortcut for turning color managed display on/off