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It’s a Masterpiece! digiKam & digikamImagePlugins 0.9.0 major release

by gerhard

The digiKam team is very proud to release the final 0.9.0 sources as a Xmas present to you. digiKam is complemented by a corresponding digikamImagePlugin release and a kipi-plugins introducing enticing new features. Binaries from your Linux distribution will be available shortly.

digiKam has made big headway towards a professional image management tool that compares favorably to heavy weights from Adobe and Apple. 16 bit Colormanagement workflow, Raw file support, full Metadata features including GPS data, to name only the most important ones. And it remains very user friendly!
All digiKam 0.9.0 features can be seen at this url

The 0.9 series has been under heavy development since November 2005. After having published several release candidates, this final version includes many bug fixes and the updated internationalization strings.

So, download, compile and enjoy it !
The source for digiKam and digikamImagePlugins 0.9.0 is available from SourceForge.net

Bug fixes since rc2 are listed below:
BUG: 134999 Workaround for problem in QLatin15Codec
BUG: 138616 exiv2 dependency 0.12 detection
BUG: 138715 fix a race condition in threaded image I/O witch can crash digiKam
BUG: 138747 Force QComboBox to use internally a QListBox independently of
current widget style used by QT
BUG: 117248 fix hotplug digiKam script
BUG: 138540 if file path is read-only, do not try to save metadata on pictures
BUG: 135442 Added missing "Rename..." option on Album RMB menu
BUG: 127112 fix kgamma to display module from KDE control center
BUG: 121651 add Export menu into Album context pop-up menu
BUG: 119205 never handle root album with Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste operations
- Color Management plugin BugFix : if input|proof|workspace ICC profile files path are wrong (files do not exist or file not readable, or path is not a file), ask to user to check settings before to perform color transformations...else digiKam will crash with an error from LCMS library
BUG: 138620 Call prompt UserSave _before_ changing variables
BUG: 133091 using SHIFT instead of 7 8 9 with Flip/Rotate keyboard shortcuts using KDE_PKG_CHECK_MODULES instead PKG_CHECK_MODULES
BUG: 137993 modification date in digikamalbums::put
BUG: 137770 Don't touch read-only file when metadata need to be updated.
BUG: 138253 add keybd shortcut to toggle on/off Monitor Color Corrections F12
- Improvements of icons to gain space