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Final 0.9.1 Release available

by gerhard

After two release candidates the digiKam team is proud again to present a major improvement to digiKam and its plugins. The many new features are highlighted below. For more information and resolved issues we kindly refer you to the Changelog.

The digiKam developer team thanks everybody who has gone through the pains of compiling, has been helping finding bugs and keep digiKam ahead of the pack.

The tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge. Kubuntu packages will be available on short notice here (thanks to Achim).

New Features
General :
- Native JPEG2000 image loader. Warning for lossy JPEG file saving
- Tags View from Comments & Tags side bar support drag & drop.
- Batch tool to sync all pictures metadata (EXIF/IPTC) with digiKam database content.
- Status bar in Album Gui with a progress bar, text bar, and navigate bar.
- Native SlideShow tool which uses the Image Preview feature. RAW files can be slided very fast. Configurable data display. Album recursive mode available
-The tags trees are stored as such into IPTC fields
- Usability improvements everywhere

AlbumGUI :
- Improvement of pop-up menu of Tags Filter View and Comment & Tags ON auto selection/deselection of parents/child tags in Tags treeview.
- Preview picture mode use a memory cache to speed-up loading.
- Preview mode has better a context pop-up menu.
- Prefer Exif DateTimeOriginal to sort images (DateTimeDigitized and DateTime used as fallback)

Image Plugins :
- All tools remember settings between sessions
- All tools render properly preview of image using Color Managed View
- All tools use the same keyboard shortcuts as PhotoShop
- Brightness/Contrast/Gamma : setting value excursion are the same as Photoshop.
- New option in all Color corrections Tools to show under-exposed and over-exposed areas of corrected picture before applying corrections
- Add Border Tool : add new option to preserve aspect ratio. Border Width can be set in pixels or in percentage
- Perspective Tool : add a grid and vertical/horizontal guide lines.
- Ratio-crop Tool : usability improvements from Jaromir Malenko.
- Auto Color Correction Tool : add new filter to perform auto-exposure corrections.

Image Editor :
- Advanced options to keep ratio and alignment when printing pictures.
- Color profiles are tested now to avoid invalid files.
- Add a progress bar to Image editor/showfoto about IO image files access.

Thanks for the resource

Thanks for the resource