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digiKam has a new Light Table…

by digiKam

Today, after 1 week of developement, I have finished the first implementation of the new Light Table tool for digiKam.

This is a first implementation, certainly uncomplete but suitable as well. I have follow the user tips from this bugzilla entry.

Some screenshots of this tool in action can be seen following these links:

- The Light Table with thumbbar pop-up menu.

- How to Insert new item to Light Table using Album GUI pop-up menu.i Left and right side bar enable.

- The Light Table preview pop-up menu.

- The Light Table thumbbar tool tip and left side bar enable.

This version of Light Table support drag & drop from album gui and zooming/panning on left and right preview panel. You can compare easily two images like this.

I hope this new tool will enjoy digiKam users. It will be released with digiKam 0.9.2 final planed for june.