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digiKam splashscreens : call to photographers…

by digiKam

With the next releases of the digiKam, the time has come to find the ideal splash-screens to go with it. Now is your chance to join the ranks of the precious few who have had their artwork associated with a release of digiKam!

SplashScreen is a simple way for users to contribute to digiKam project. The pictures must be correctly exposed and composed, and the subject must be choosen using a real photographer inspiration.

The next stable release 0.9.3 of digiKam is planed to september. This version will includes few bug fix for KDE3 envirronement. For this release, we need 2 new splash-screens dedicaced to digiKam and Showfoto startup.

Note, than it will also the same about digiKam and Showfoto for KDE4 envirronement planed around december.

To resume, we need 4 color or black and white pictures, taken horizontally. We need only photos, no need to put few marks about program name and version. We have a template to do it later. See below the official 0.9.2 splash-screen as exemple:

If you is interressed, you can send me your photo to my gmail box. Look contact web project page for details.

Thanks in advance for your contributions…