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digiKam 0.9.3-beta2 Release

by gerhard

The digiKam team is proud to release 0.9.3-beta2. The tarball can also be downloaded from SourceForge.

This is not only a bug fix but, due to the development in the KDE4 branch, a few nice new features have been backported to this KDE3 release.

New Features

Two quick filters have been added to the status bar of the main window:

  • A mime-type selector to filter for one of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, movies or audio files
  • A rating filter to select rated images

A new navigation feature: whenever a thumbnail is selected in the main window you can immediately jump (Go To) to any other of the views where this image is a member of.
Say, you find a photograph in the calender view; then you can through the context menu directly go to the album, search or tag view to find the same image in another group. And vice-versa of course!

Update of CImg library to last stable version 1.2.4


040 ==> 147533 : New rating filter for the statusbar.
041 ==> 131963 : Add a file type filter tab to the right.
042 ==> 148993 : Filter images by rating in album view.
043 ==> 151357 : Ratings can exceed 5 stars.
044 ==> 144815 : Scroll left-pane to the selected album/date on start-up.
045 ==>   96894 : Easier navigation between albums, tags and collections.
046 ==> 147426 : Search for non-voted pics.