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digiKam at LGM 2008: a great event!

by digiKam

Libre Graphics Meeting at Wroclaw (Poland) have been a great event.


I has met several actors from open-source world working in graphics relevant projects as:

  • Dave Cofin (Dcraw)
  • Udi Fuchs (UFRaw)
  • Cyril Berger and Boudewijn Rempt (Krita)
  • Pablo d'Angelo (Hugin)
  • Cédric Gémy and Peter Linnell (Scribus)

I has presented the current and future of digiKam, especially all new search tools designed by Marcel and the Marble integration to geolocalize pictures. I has make a demo in live of 0.9.4-beta4 and current alpha version of 0.10.0 release.

The video recording of digiKam presentation is now online. A QuickTime file can be show at this url

I has started all kinds of cooperation with other photo handling applications. With Udi Fuchs, i have talk about DNG writting and a future UFRaw shared library. With Pablo d'Angelo, i have talk about the new lens auto-correction tool implemented in 0.10.0, based on LensFun shared library. Pablo has shared with me many pictures to check this new plugin, and performed a lots of inconclusive tests.

I have met also Alexandre Prokoudine, a Russian photographer who has started to share a pool of photo taken at Wroclaw during the event. He has bring me a new open-source library developped by a Russian team, dedicated to decode RAW files. This new shared library named libRaw is based on dcraw core implementation and provide new features, all wrapped into a C++ API. It will be nice to use libRaw in the future to simplify and improve libkdcraw interface.

LGM 2008 has been a very constructive moment for me. I’m very impatient to go to next event of the year: akademy 2008


It really was a great meeting