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New digiKam Lens Auto-Correction Tool

by digiKam

digiKam for KDE4 will become with another important tool for photograph: lens distorsions auto-correction. The plugin have been created by Adrian Schroeter from OpenSuse team.

This tool have been implemented as a new image editor plugin. It use LensFun shared library witch provide a database of lens settings to fix optical distorsions automatically. The tool use picture metadata to find the right settings to apply (Exif and Makernotes). You can adjust yourself all parameters if you need.

A video of this tool in action is available below. The test image used in this video come from Pablo d'Angelo collection (Hugin project).

I have take also some screenshots of this tool with a better resolution:




How can I add this plugin to

How can I add this plugin to digikam in kde3?

This plugin is only available

This plugin is only available in KDE4 version of digiKam. there is no plant to backport it to KDE3


Thanks for resource.

Thanks for resource.


LensFun sounds like it is going to be a great tool for fixing the images. I never like seeing photos that are blurry and have problems with the pixel ratio. Hopefully this tool will be able to fix distorted images and make them look better.