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digiKam 0.10.0-beta1 release for KDE4

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

The digiKam development team is happy to release the first beta release for KDE4. The digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge.


After one year of developement, porting code to KDE4/Qt4 api, and backporting new features from KDE3 branch, we have decided to make a first try with this beta release.

But take care, it's a BETA code with many of new bugs not yet fixed... To resume:


... for production, use KDE3 with 0.9.x, which is still mantained and next 0.9.4 release will be out soon.

To compile this KDE4 version, you need libkexiv2, libkdcraw, and libkipi for KDE4. These libraries are now included in KDE 4.1-beta2 by default. There is no more separate tarball planed for these libraries.

Note for KDE 4.0.x users : you can extract libraries source code from svn, and compile all as well. It does work fine. You don't need especially KDE 4.1.x code for the moment. Look at bottom of this page for details

For others depencies, consult the README file. There are also optional depencies to enable some new features as lensfun for lens auto-correction, and marble for geolocation.

The digikam.org web site has been redesigned for the new KDE4 series. All screenshots have been updated and a lots of video demos have been added to present new features included in this version.

NEW FEATURES (since 0.9.x series):

General : Ported to CMake/Qt4/KDE4.

General : Thumbs KIO-Slave removed. digiKam now use multi-threading to generate thumnails.

General : Removed all X11 library dependencies. Code is now portable under MACOS-X and Win32.

General : Support of XMP metadata (require Exiv2 library >= 0.16).

General : Hardware handling using KDE4 Solid interface.

General : Preview of Video and Audio files using KDE4 Phonon interface.

General : Database file can be stored on a customized place to support remote album library path.

General : New database schema to host more photo and collection informations.

General : Database interface fully re-written using Qt4 SQL plugin.

General : Support of multiple roots album paths.

General : Physical root albums are managed as real album.

General : New option in Help menu to list all RAW file formats supported.

General : Geolocation of pictures from sidebars is now delegate to KDE4 Marble widget.

CameraGUI : New design for camera interface.

CameraGUI : New Capture tool.

CameraGUI : New bargraph to display camera media free-space.

AlbumGUI : Added Thumbbar with Preview mode to easy navigate between pictures.

AlbumGUI : Integration of Simple Text Search tool to left sidebar as Amarok.

AlbumGUI : New advanced Search tools. Re-design of Search backend, based on XML. Re-design of search dialog for a better usability. Searches based on metadata and image properties are now possible.

AlbumGUI : New fuzzy Search tools based on sketch drawing template. Fuzzy searches backend use an Haar wevelet interface. You simply draw a rough sketch of what you want to find and digiKam displays for you a thumbnail view of the best matches.

AlbumGUI : New Search tools based on marble widget to find pictures over a map.

AlbumGUI : New Search tools to find similar images against a reference image.

AlbumGUI : New Search tools to find duplicates images around whole collections.

ImageEditor : Added Thumbbar to easy navigate between pictures.

ImageEditor : New plugin based on LensFun library to correct automaticaly lens aberrations.

ImageEditor : LensDistortion and AntiVignetting are now merged with LensFun plugin.


001 ==> 146864 : Lesser XMP support in digiKam.

002 ==> 145096 : Request: acquire mass storage from printer as from camera. Change menu "Camera" to "Acquire".

003 ==> 134206 : Rethink about: Iptc.Application2.Urgency digiKam Rating.

004 ==> 149966 : Alternative IPTC Keyword Separator (dot notation).

005 ==> 129437 : Album could point to network path. Now it's impossible to view photos from shared network drive.

006 ==> 137694 : Allow album pictures to be stored on network devices.

007 ==> 114682 : About library path.

008 ==> 122516 : Album Path cannot be on Network device (Unmounted).

009 ==> 107871 : Allow multiple album library path.

010 ==> 105645 : Impossible to not copy images in ~/Pictures.

011 ==> 132697 : Metadata list has no scrollbar.

012 ==> 148502 : Show rating in embedded preview / slideshow.

013 ==> 155408 : Thumbbar in the album view.

014 ==> 138290 : GPSSync plugin integration in the side bar.

015 ==> 098651 : Image Plugin filter based on clens.

016 ==> 147426 : Search for non-voted pics.

017 ==> 149555 : Always present search box instead of search by right-clicking and selecting simple or advanced search.

018 ==> 139283 : IPTC Caption comment in search function.

019 ==> 150265 : Avanced search filter is missing search in comment / description.

020 ==> 155735 : Make it possible to search on IPTC-text.

021 ==> 147636 : GUI error in advanced searches: lots of free space.

022 ==> 158866 : Advanced Search on Tags a mess.

023 ==> 149026 : Search including sub-albums.

024 ==> 153070 : Search for image by geo-location.

025 ==> 154764 : Pictures saved into root album folder are not shown.

026 ==> 162678 : digiKam crashed while loading.

027 ==> 104067 : Duplicate image finder should offer more actions on duplicate images found.

028 ==> 107095 : Double image removal: Use trashcan.

029 ==> 112473 : findimages shows only small thumbnails.

030 ==> 150077 : Find Duplicate Images tool quite unusable on many images (a couple of issues).

031 ==> 161858 : Find Duplicate Image fails with Canon Raw Files.

032 ==> 162152 : Batch Duplicate Image Management.

033 ==> 164418 : GPS window zoom possibility.

034 ==> 117287 : Search albums on read only album path.

035 ==> 164600 : No picture in view pane.

036 ==> 164973 : Showfoto crashed at startup.

037 ==> 165275 : build-failure - imageresize.cpp - 'KToolInvocation' has not been declared.

038 ==> 165292 : albumwidgetstack.cpp can't find Phonon/MediaObject.

039 ==> 165341 : Crash when changing histogram channel when welcome page is shown.

040 ==> 165318 : digiKam doesn't start because of SQL.

041 ==> 165342 : Crash when changing album sort modus.

042 ==> 165338 : Right sidebar initally too big.

043 ==> 165280 : Sqlite2 component build failure.

044 ==> 165769 : adjustcurves.cpp - can't find version.h.