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digiKam for Microsoft Windows !

by digiKam

"Et voilà..."

This is an important stage for digiKam project. A native port under Microsoft Windows...


Since digiKam code has been ported to Qt4/KDE4, multi-platform support become a reality. We have already a MACOS-X port done by Gustavo Boiko from Mandriva team... Now, Windows port have been completed by Patrick Spendrin from KDE-Windows team

To be able to compile digiKam under Windows, GPhoto2 support is become optional, because libgphoto2 is not yet ported to this operating system. Perhaps in the future, this will change, but for the moment, it's not the case... Of course under Linux and MACOS-X, GPhoto2 support still here.


But nothing is clean yet. digiKam compiles and runs, but more advanced tests need to be done to validate this port. Code will be published with the next 0.10.0-beta5 release, so you must stay tuned in this room...


So Digikam works now on Linux, MacOS and Windows ?
Just one word : bravo !


So that's a good news... Now, the fights between Picassa and digikam can be start!

I used digikam 1 year on

I used digikam 1 year on linux, now picasa for 1 month on windows. I obviously prefer digikam, but picasa has also some nice feature worth copying :)
P.S. double captcha (preview+save) is a bit overkill

Excellent! I've been waiting

Excellent! I've been waiting for a Windows port!!!

but where can i find the

but where can i find the windows version to download

One Word


It's "Mac OS X", not

It's "Mac OS X", not "MACOS-X".

it just works

it just works...

Three Words...

Embrace, Extend... Extinguish!

Heh, heh, heh... ;D


YAY! Kick Picasa's ass!


Nice success.

I did it

Thanks to Patrick I was also able to run digikam on windows. So there are at least 2 running version of digikam on windows :)

Could you please tell me how

Could you please tell me how to compile it in windows. I am not able to find the correct link to the application and it's dependencies.


Any chance of...

...a binary Windows release???

Yes Please a Binary release

Yes Please a Binary release for windows...

Compiling/installing digikam on Windows

There will be a binary release as soon as I could fix the most notable bugs in it (it is currently not really useable on windows). Then I will upload the package for all compilers to the KDE mirrors, so that digikam can be installed as a normal KDE on Windows package ( see http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on_Windows/Installation how to install KDE on Windows).
To build digikam from source we normally use some scripts called emerge http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/KDE4/Windows/emerge . If you follow the instructions there, you should be able to build digikam, nevertheless you might hit some problems underway(+it needs a lot of space and time), I can't guarantee that it works.


Thanks for the update. If not

Thanks for the update. If not much, if we can convert RAW to DNG on windows that would be helpful.

Any timeline on this, Pl

Do you have any date,when the windows version will be ready? Also, will it support LX3 raw(rw2) files?


Digikam binaries

Ok, as of yesterday, the first digikam binary packages are available in the installer, I guess most features will not work correctly though so please file bugs under bugs.kde.org so we can find those bugs soon.

Look how to install KDE binary packages at this url


I installed it on WindowsXP. Couples of things
- It starts looking for all the files in C:\ and checks to see if they are images.
- Then it failed in MarbleWidget.dll, Could not locate. I tried copying one from someplace else but I guess the version did not match and it did not go any further - just crashed.

Any idea how to get it.

Convert to DNG

Do you know how can I convert the RAW files in to DNG. I am not able to find the options for that.

Do I need to install any other package.

BTW, it runs fine, I have not seen any crashes yet after the widget issue got fixed.

I have just set a rule to

I have just set a rule to make a stand alone version of DNG converter plugin. It can be run outside digiKam as well. Program is called "dngconverter.exe" and installed into your KDE4 binary directory (as digiKam).

But you need to wait next beta release to see this program in your computer. My changes have be done just after kipi-plugins 0.2.0-beta3 release used in KDE4 for windows.

In all case, RAW to DNG converter tool is available in Batch menu from digiKam main interface.


panasonic lx3 raw files not working

Latest digikam is not able to view the lx3 rw2 files. It is able to get the thumbnail but the in the image editor it shows purple lines only. Some sample files are :

On the issue of DNGconverter, thanks for the update. Looking forward to it, it will be unique in itself.

Any idea if it will support lx 3?


RAW format are decoded using

RAW format are decoded using LibRaw library. LX3 is already supported currently...

LibRaw is used in 0.9.5 implementation (for KDE3, not yet released, beta1 planed soon) and 0.10.0-beta5 (KDE4) released today.

I tried it too, and i have

I tried it too, and i have the same problem.
I will be glad if you can give support for Panasonic :)

LibRaw needs to be updated

libraw mentions panasonic LX3 in its list of supported cameras but is not compiled with the latest dcraw.c->libraw_common.cpp converter.
A compare of identify function in libraw and dcraw shows libraw is missing some 6 new cameras.

I can do it, if you know which conversion program do they use to generate the base file.
Hopefully it will be updated soon.

LibRaw update...

I have contacted Alex Tutubalin from LibRaw. He will update library soon...


LibRaw 0.6.2 is out

LibRaw 0.6.2 is out and i have backported code to libkdcraw for KDE3 and KDE4.


Stand alone DNG Converter tool under Windows...

See below a fresh screenshoot of a stand alone version of DNG Converter tool running under Windows.



Hi Gilles, I am trying to

Hi Gilles,
I am trying to write a simple stand alone converter in windows and I am trying to reuse your code.

I am having some problems. Could you please see if you can help me out.
In DCRawInfoContainer you have cameraXYZ array of float[4][3]. This does not seems to be getting filled by LibKDCRaw. Do you know where does it get filled and how to map it to cam_xyz in adobe dng sdk.


stand alone DNG converter already exist...

Stand alone DNG converter already exist for Linux and Windows: see screenshot just behind this post. It's a version of kipi plugins compiled without a kipi host. You can use it as well...

cam_xyz matrix is filed by libraw accordingly with make and model Exif informations of original RAW image.


Was really psyched to finally

Was really psyched to finally be able to use digicam on Windows so installed it through the KDE for Windows Installer, although it fails to start reporting some error in libkdcraw.dll . My Windows is in swedish, but a translation would be something like: "Cannot find the procedure startaddress _ZN11([etcetc lots of random letters]) in the DLL-file libkdcraw".

Any fix for this?
(running Windows Vista)

I have the same problem

I have the same problem ...
Windows XP

I use digikam on Linux

I use digikam on Linux

programming jobs

Do you realize that you are actually making programming jobs obsolete? I work on a similar product and I'm hoping to be able to make a living out of it, and there are many others like me. You are also empowering software monopolies such as Adobe, because it becomes impossible for smaller companies to stay in business with such competition. digiKam is really good, and it's free - how are we supposed to compete with that?
Please keep digiKam Linux only!

if you can't beat them, join them

I think it would be a win-win situation if you or your company actually sponsors digikam by allotting developer time to this project and making a business out of providing support (bug fixing, adding requested features) and stable builds for the digikam software. It is my understanding that this is basically how a lot of "open source" companies (redhat, qt software, mysql, zimbra, etc) successfully operate today.

Join digiKam. I am totally

Join digiKam. I am totally serious. Due to pluggable architecture of KDE and digiKam itself it is possible to work on main program together and write some commercial/closed source plug-ins.

Depends. According to

Depends. According to freshmeat, DigiKam is GPL, so you can't distribute any dynamically-linked plugins unless these are GPL-compatibel. This means everyone is allowed to redistribute your code at any price including zero.

Makes no sense to start a business on such a foundation.

No, it's wrong...

a plugins is not linked with digiKam, but with libkipi shared library which is the plugins interface used by host program as digiKam, Gwenview, and KphotoAlbum.

libkipi is currently in GPL, but this can be changed easily as LGPL. it's not a problem...


You would have to link only

You would have to link only to KIPI plugins. Yes, they are now GPL but it should not be great problem to relicense them. It is tedious task but if someone would be really interested...

Also there are some other areas where it is possible to extend digiKam by closed source thingies.

Which compagny ? which photo management program under Windows ?

Personally, i'm curious to know which photo-management program for Windows you develop and sell?

Also, can you imagine that after many years of work on digiKam/kipi-plugins projects, and especially a lots of time to port code under Windows and MAC OS-X, i will put all in a trash ? I'm not stupid... this is not serious...


"I work on a similar product

"I work on a similar product and I'm hoping to be able to make a living out of it, and there are many others like me"

In the words of Steve Jobs, "...yeah. Don't do that."


Hi!When the definetivy realise for windows? i'm waiting... i want digikam!!!