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libkdcraw 0.1.8 release for KDE3

by digiKam


libkdcraw 0.1.8 for KDE3 has been just released. The tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url.

This release include last version of LibRaw 0.6.13 Raw decoder. For more informations about digiKam playing with LibRaw , take a look on this previous blog entry

Updated to libraw 0.6.13:
- Bugfixes in RIFF reading code.
Updated to libraw 0.6.12:
- Hasselblad V96C support.
Updated to libraw 0.6.11:
- Fixed serious bug in loading metadata from external JPG file.
Updated to libraw 0.6.10:
- Support for loading White Balance data from Sony ARW files edited with Sony IDC software.
Updated to libraw 0.6.9:
- Better support for Samsung S85.
- Fixed possible integer overflow in wavelet denoising code.
Updated to libraw 0.6.8:
- Changes in QuickTake 100 files processing.
Updated to libraw 0.6.7:
-Added support for Samsung S85.
-Changes in external jpeg (metadata) processing.
Updated to libraw 0.6.6:
-Changes in Panasonic FZ50 processing code.
Updated to libraw 0.6.5:
-Fixed file descriptor and buffer memory leak when thumbnail extractor is called,
but library object is not properly initialized.
-Fixes in Imacon files unpacking.
-Fixes in Hasselblad .fff files unpacking.

Fix PPM color preview extraction.

Have an happy Raw workflow...

face regocnition for easing and speeding up tagging

Will we also get this
in digiKam?
I'm coveting such a useful functionality since quite some time already.
But I don't trust google, and don't want to install non-free software.

White Balance Eye Dropper?

Maybe this isn't the place to ask, but I think it would be useful to have an eye-dropper tool for white balance correction within the raw converter. Is there a more appropriate way to submit this as a feature request?

The raw converter is looking quite good otherwise.