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digiKam digest - 2009-04-26

by Anonymous

This week digiKam saw introduction of new plugin - Liguid resize; beginning of work on Qt4 list view implementation and usual share of polishing, bug fixing, etc. Read details in full version.

Bug/wish count

digikam 1:202 2:+11 3:-3 4:8 5:249 6:+1 7:-0 8:1
kipiplugins 1:99 2:+4 3:-1 4:3 5:136 6:+1 7:-1 8:0

[1] Opened bugs
[2] Opened last week
[3] Closed last week
[4] Change
[5] Opened wishes
[6] Opened last week
[7] Closed last week
[8] Change

Full tables are here:

SVN commit 957437 by cgilles:

libkdcraw from trunk : OpenMP support : Parallelized RAW demosaicing
operations are now enabled by default. We check which GCC version is
available to use right compilation/linking flags. If gcc version is bad,
OpenMP support is disabled.

Note to packagers : a CMake option is available to disable OPenMP
support if necessary (default=OFF). Look in README for details.

M +39 -12 CMakeLists.txt
M +1 -0 NEWS
M +5 -4 README
M +3 -3 libkdcraw/kdcraw.cpp
M +7 -2 libkdcraw/libraw_config.h.cmake

SVN commit 958053 by cgilles:

apply patch #32985 from Matthias Welwarsky fo fix LensFun tool with
Lanzcos method
BUG: 186823

M +7 -7 imageplugins/lenscorrection/autocorrection/klensfun.cpp
M +1 -0 libs/dimg/dcolor.h
M +16 -9 libs/dimg/dcolorblend.h
M +218 -2 libs/dimg/dimg.cpp
M +96 -80 libs/dimg/dimg.h
M +28 -1 libs/dimg/dimgprivate.h

Much work into content aware resizing tool


More on Gilles blog:


One of commits:

SVN commit 958077 by cgilles:
move Liquid Rescale tool to digiKam core !!!

D branches/work/~cgilles/contentawareresizing (directory)
A trunk/extragear/graphics/digikam/imageplugins/contentawareresizing

SVN commit 958769 by aclemens:

Remove the mapsearch tab from the left sidebar if marblewidget can not
be found.
Since we can have textual information in the geolocation tab in the
right sidebar, I will not remove this one for now.

M +33 -18 digikamview.cpp

Andi's description of this feature from mailing list:

It is since a few days. Before we had just disabled the menu entry. This
was because we had not used the services architecture properly. We just
took the first selected image and decided what application can open
these file types.
But this is the wrong way to do it. If you select more then one image,
chances are that you can not open all selected files in the application.
So what we did was disabling the menu entry on multiple selection.
Now we have a different approach (like dolphin and gwenview does, too).
Generate a query for all selected mimetypes and provide applications
that can handle all those mime types.
If none can be found, open the "Open with" application dialog, where you
can choose the app to work with by yourself.

SVN commit 958991 by aclemens:

Group the "Edit" and "Open With" actions together in the context menu of
the albumiconview and imagepreviewview.
They are related to each other and therefore should be in one place to
easily find them.

M +3 -1 albumiconview.cpp
M +3 -1 imagepreviewview.cpp

Begin of work on Qt4 ListView implementation of digiKam icon view (aka
Album GUI). This should create various new, better ways to present
images and to manage them.

One of commits:

SVN commit 959105 by mwiesweg:

Working on various features:
- tool tip support
- QListView settings
- watch flags for ImageModel
- item activation handlers (need to check if single/double click
activation settings in Qt honour KDE settings)
- methods to access current, selected and all image infos
- scrollTo item support
- context menu handler

M +197 -7 imagecategorizedview.cpp
M +32 -2 imagecategorizedview.h