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libkdcraw 0.1.9 release for KDE3

by digiKam


libkdcraw 0.1.9 for KDE3 has been just released. The tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url.

This release include last version of LibRaw 0.7.2 Raw decoder. For more informations about digiKam playing with LibRaw , take a look on this previous blog entry

Added Leica RWL raw format in list of supported files.
Updated to LibRaw 0.7.2 :
- More accurate types conversion in libraw_datastream.h to make compilers happy.
- New postprocessing parameter auto_bright_thr: set portion of clipped pixels for
auto brightening code (instead of dcraw-derived hardcoded 1%).
- '-U' option for dcraw_emu sample sets auto_bright_thr parameter.
Updated to LibRaw 0.7.1 :
- Fixed broken OpenMP support.
Updated to LibRaw 0.7.0 :
- Black (masked) pixels data extracted from RAW and avaliable in application.
- Application can turn off RAW data filtering (black level subtraction,
zero pixels removal and raw tone curve).
- New 'input framework' released. Reading raw data from file and memory buffer supported from scratch.
LibRaw-using application can implement own data reading functions (e.g. reading from network stream).
- Fuji SuperCCD: raw data extracted without 45-degree rotation.
- New sample applications: 4channels and unprocessed_raw.
- Imported (subsequentally) new dcraw versions from 8.89 to 8.93 (up to date)

Updated to libraw 0.6.15:
- more accurate pentax dSLR support
- fixes in Kodak 620x/720x identification
- faster identification procedure for some formats.
- Fixed bug in custom gamma curve creation

Updated to libraw 0.6.14:
- user-specified gamma curve.
- Pentax K2000/Km support.
- Changes in Canon sRAW processing (support for 5D2 fw 1.07).

Have an happy Raw workflow...