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digiKam 1.x Splash-screens: call to photographers !

by digiKam

digiKam 1.0.0 splash

Just in time for Christmas 2009, digiKam 1.0 have been released. But the future is already there. Next digiKam 1.1 is planed for end of January 2010, as a bugfixes release, to consolidate code with users feedback after production using...

So, time has come to find the ideal splash-screens to go with it. Now is your chance to join the ranks of the precious few who have had their artwork associated with a release of digiKam!

Splash-screen is a simple way for users to contribute to digiKam project. The pictures must be correctly exposed and composed, and the subject must be chosen using a real photographer inspiration.

Showfoto 1.1.0 splash

As usual, we need two new splash-screens dedicated to digiKam and Showfoto startup. You can send me by e-mail your Colors or Black and White pictures, taken horizontally. We need only photos, no need to put few marks about program name and version. We have two SVG templates for digiKam and for showfoto to do it later. I will review the best items with the team later...

As reference, see in this post the official digiKam and Showfoto 1.0 splash-screens.

Have fun to contribute to digiKam project... and thanks in advance...

Happy new year 2010

Does digikam really take that

Does digikam really take that long to load that a splash screen is necessary?

it can be disabled if you want...

there is an option in setup if you don't like it...

Yes. :) Digikam 1.0 looks in

Yes. :) Digikam 1.0 looks in the following directory locations at start up for the splash screen image.

/usr/share/kde4/apps/digikam/data/splash-digikam.png (default location)

You do not need to go there.

You do not need to go there. The digiKam has a setting in options to turn splash screen off/on.

I hope the digiKam would get boost to starting proccess. To be under 5 seconds at least. Now it is over 3 minutes here =(

yes, i see this problem there.

I think it's relevant of SQLite. close and restart digiKam a second time, it's faster.
MySQL port is in progress. I hope that it can fix it soon.


Great! Since more services in KDE already use MySQL it might speed up digiKam if MySQL server is already running before starting KDE apps :-)

and more...

...especially to have a remote Mysql server to host digiKam database, used by the network by more than one production computers running digiKam...

Do you need the photos in a

Do you need the photos in a specific dimensions/proportions ? Looking forward to sending in some photographs


We don't need the full version image

At end, image will be resized to 300x200 (around) and converted to PNG. But to have a large version can be suitable to select a dedicated area.

Contributions arrive...

0014 0007 0001 1 piet rechts moritzs links p1000373 spider Black_Hole_by_Hjoranna Long-billed Vultures Olive Ridley turtle _DSC8171 Leopard (Panthera pardus) Monitor lizard _mg_5323 Leaves DSC07557 OmarVieira_1 OmarVieira_3 DSC01489 OmarVieira_2 p1010033 DSC_0749 dsc02521_optimized Blue Fireworks Amaryllis Pincushion Protea Green Stars with Teeth Grewia Occidentalis (Tiliaceae) Droplets on Petal Sleeping Ladybug lake-amsoldingen obr948 obr1009 obrazyvody555 oimagga zubr45 showfoto digikam splash-digikam 00011 04-16-2009_014 004 003 002

...and some draft done with template

splash-0001 splash-0014 splash- DSC8171 splash-Leopard (Panthera pardus)-2 splash-languitar1 splash-languitar2 splash-languitar3 splash-languitar5 splash-OmarVieira 2 splash-OmarVieira 1

Contest is closed. And winners are...

digiKam 1.1.0 splashscreen by Johannes Wienke:

digiKam 1.1.0 splash

Showfoto 1.1.0 splashscreen by Petr Sigut

Showfoto 1.1.0 splash

digiKam 1.2.0 splashscreen by Santoro Domenico:

digiKam 1.2.0 splash

Showfoto 1.2.0 splashscreen by Kalyan Varma

Showfoto 1.2.0 splash

digiKam 1.3.0 splashscreen by Kalyan Varma:

digiKam 1.3.0 splash

Showfoto 1.3.0 splashscreen by Dmitri Popov

Showfoto 1.3.0 splash

digiKam 1.4.0 splashscreen by Johannes Wienke:

digiKam 1.4.0 splash

Showfoto 1.4.0 splashscreen by Johannes Wienke

Showfoto 1.4.0 splash

digiKam 1.5.0 splashscreen by Petr Sigut:

digiKam 1.5.0 splash

Showfoto 1.5.0 splashscreen by Jan Wachsmann

Showfoto 1.5.0 splash