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New tool to add vignetting

by julien

Accordingly with KDE bugzilla entries #177827 and #218906, i have slightly modified the vignetting tool, now you can add vignetting to your pictures:

Adding vignetting to a picture using Digikam

Vignetting can be used as a creative tool to focus attention to the center of the picture.

This feature will be included in digiKam 1.1.0. I hope you will like it. Please provide feedback !

great work, helpful tool

great work, helpful tool


My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have to ask:
If the vignetting tool has been slightly modified to allow
us to add vignetting to our pictures, what did the tool do
before it was slightly modified?


Well, it was initially designed to ->remove<- vignetting...

Confused? Not Any Longer

Ah ha! Thanks for that. I must have been suffering
from vignetting of my peripheral thinking not to
have thought of that one.

cool !

très attendu et *très* apprécié ! merci. Autant de petits outils qui facilitent la vie.


Does this need a patch because I can not get it from SVN version (revision 1084162)?