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Picasaweb plugin refreshed

by Jens Müller

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

The ui of the picasaweb exporter gains some love and is refreshed in current trunk. Its look now fits to other kipi export plugins with imagelistview support showing you the current processing element and a non-modal progressbar to let you work on your next photos while uploading.

pw upload3

Besides the exporter, a basic importer has been added, to let you download all your favourite albums.

pw download3

Please check out current svn and tell any bugs at bugs.kde.org.


I like it!

Will it be possible in the feature to import from Flickr? If that is even possible…

look this entry


Arrows should be next to each other.

Is it still possible to

Is it still possible to export tags? (Haven’t build it yet, but I don’t see the option in the screenshot).

Looks great, btw!

with digikam 1.1 you can

with digikam 1.1 you can export
for photo

for movie
not geotag see and vote

Great work

Jens, great work - looking forward how import/export plugins improve with each release.

/me has to run now and work on SmugMug embedded progress indicator. ;-)

very cool, thanks so much!

very cool, thanks so much! been waiting for the importer, that is really great!

don’t like + - to select

1. it’s not handy to select a photo then to click “+” or “-”
i prefer just to click the photo.
one action instead of two

it is heterogeneous because in digikam in album you just click to select a photo

in all digikam it’s a good thing to have same gui action for same function


+ and - are not for selecting items to upload. + add additional elements to your upload queue (file chooser opens) and - let you remove some items. So your workflow stays the same. Select your images to upload in your favourite kde image app and open the exporter. Here you only have to select a album and you can hit the upload button.


How can I get refreshed

How can I get refreshed plugin? I have Fedora 11 digikam 1.1.0 with kipi-plugins 1.1.0

Which theme?

Which theme are you using? Looks great!