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New exporter for Piwigo galleries

by Frederic Coiffier

Dear digiKam users,

A new export plugin has been added to the Kipi-plugins development
trunk: an export to Piwigo plugin!

Piwigo plugin in Digikam

Some of you may not know Piwigo yet: it's a powerful web gallery based
on usual PHP/MySQL technologies. It's a good solution if you want to
self-host your photos and avoid third-parties services like Picasa or
Flickr. It can be compared to Menalto Gallery, which is already
supported by Kipi-plugins, even if I find Piwigo lighter and more
complete when it comes to browsing capabilities (hierarchical
categories, tags or chronology).

Moreover, Piwigo is built by a dynamic and welcoming community.

Regarding the plugin itself, it currently:

  1. connects to your website,
  2. lists your category tree,
  3. uploads selected photos.

and the result:

Piwigo gallery

I hope you'll find it useful.

Whaooo !!!

Great !!! I use piwigo and Digikam and it's a very good new

it's fantastic...

Congratulations to the Digikam team and all contributors

A very expected feature

Hi Frederic and congratulations!

I'm Piwigo founder and I would like to let you know (Digikam fans) that many Piwigo users were waiting for this export plugin :-)

Thanks a lot. Frederic knows he can count on me for testing and improving Piwigo communication API.