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digiKam 1.2.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam 1.2.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

digiKam will also be available for Windows. Pre-compiled packages can be downloaded with KDE-Windows installer. See KDE-Windows project for details.

See the list of new features below and bugfixes coming with this release since 1.1.0 (released at February 2010 : 100 files have been closed):

Enjoy digiKam.


AlbumGUI : All Album tree views are ported to pure Qt4 model/view implementation.

ImageEditor : Brightness/Contrast/gamma tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.
ImageEditor : Color Balance tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Hue/Saturation/Lightness tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.
ImageEditor : Auto Color Correction tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Channel Mixer tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Black and White tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : White Balance tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Adjust Curves tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Adjust Levels tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget.

ImageEditor : Complete rewrite of the FilmGrain tool. FilmGrain tool use now YCrCb color space to add noise. Graininess size can be adjusted with an option to set-up photographic distribution of noise. Different amounts of noise can be added to highlights, shadows and midtones.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to fix Brightness/Contrast/gamma.
BatchQueueManager : New tool to adjust Color Balance.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to fix Hue/Saturation/Lightness.
BatchQueueManager : New tool to convert images color space.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to mix color channel.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to convert to Black and White.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to adjust White Balance.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to adjust Curves.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to blur images.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to add Film Grain to images.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to apply Local Contrast (LDR tone mapping).
BatchQueueManager : New tool to add/remove vignetting.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to invert image colors.
BatchQueueManager : New tool to convert color bits depth.

BatchQueueManager : New tool to add border around images.

BatchQueueManager : Rotate tool support Free Rotation adjustments.

BatchQueueManager : It’s now possible to Stop and restart a processed queue.


001 ==> 223936 : Moving photos between albums is slow.
002 ==> 224698 : digiKam fails to rotate pefs via orientation tag.
003 ==> 224021 : Zoom shortcuts inconsistent between editor and preview.
004 ==> 225160 : digiKam built with QT4 ver 4.5.3 does not display pictures in album view.
005 ==> 225397 : Tip refers to “Print Wizard”, it is now “Print Assistant”.

006 ==> 225555 : Crash when deleting tag.

007 ==> 207244 : Image disappears when enlarging.

008 ==> 221155 : Add collection fails on similarly named directories (seems that check is not strict enough).
009 ==> 225731 : digiKam no preview icon for movie.
010 ==> 222698 : digiKam 1.0.0 crashes when editing tags by drag-and-drop.
011 ==> 225328 : Creating new album during import fails.
012 ==> 216633 : Additional aspect ratios in crop tool.
013 ==> 151406 : Filters in ‘Enhance’ dropdown menu lack mouse-over preview mode.
014 ==> 225698 : When I export my Album to a Html Gallery then Digikam crashed at the End.
015 ==> 225787 : Scroll wheel doesn’t work while moving images.
016 ==> 226081 : Trying to delete tags crashes digiKam.
017 ==> 226118 : IPTC metadata tag delimiter is no longer stored (since 0.10).
018 ==> 226235 : digiKam fails after upgrade - no albums - rh tag & captions bar frozen.
019 ==> 225272 : digiKam destroy some exif data.
020 ==> 226584 : digiKam crashes in the starting phase.
021 ==> 226537 : hovering doesn’t show sub-tags.
022 ==> 225827 : Gpswidget inactive on default selected photo.
023 ==> 226381 : Copy/Paste of images in Albums view selects wrong image.
024 ==> 224999 : Thumbnails blury after upgrade to 1.0.0 from 0.10.
025 ==> 226789 : Metadata settings only EXIF.
026 ==> 185266 : digiKam shows unknown icon when moving images to other directory.
027 ==> 226872 : Tag tree not expanded with “Tags already assigned” button.
028 ==> 226858 : digiKam 1.2 My Tags window always blank.
029 ==> 226568 : digiKam 1.1 crashes when renaming tag.
030 ==> 226515 : My tags on Caption/Tags becomes empty after removing a single tag.
031 ==> 227244 : Images on local disk not shown in middle pane.
032 ==> 226853 : No images shown after upgrading from previous version.
033 ==> 226932 : Batch Color Space Conversion Tool.
034 ==> 207338 : Batch queue manager does not cancel processing.
035 ==> 215657 : Raw import tool does not use general digiKam settings.
036 ==> 226846 : Issues with color management and color profiles.
037 ==> 227498 : digiKam no longer shows any fotos. opengl image viewer works. showFoto works.
038 ==> 226537 : hovering doesn’t show sub-tags.
039 ==> 227550 : Tags already assigned looks messy.
040 ==> 226962 : Applying tags to images requires extra work.
041 ==> 226238 : Histogram never get completed in image editor after any change in the image.
042 ==> 227545 : Toggle Auto/Parents does not work as expected.
043 ==> 219772 : Opening the application causes crash.
044 ==> 226382 : Curves Adjust dialog broken: No Histogram and no effect when changing the line.
045 ==> 227555 : Preview image in digiKam is not displayed after saveas in editor.
046 ==> 225728 : Adding vignette should not increase brightness in the center.
047 ==> 227992 : Search field should not lost focus if nothing was found.
048 ==> 228326 : Crash trying to create a new tag.
049 ==> 227905 : ISO Album dates for 2009 2010 sort wrong.
050 ==> 225443 : Fileview preview panning shortcut back to old.
051 ==> 224094 : Modifying file (caption, keywords, EXIF) takes a very long time and 100 % CPU.
052 ==> 228378 : Tag filtering is bugged.
053 ==> 227668 : Not enough space to show alle tags.
054 ==> 227640 : No Pictures visible in Collections.
055 ==> 227075 : digikam3 database is not imported.
056 ==> 225927 : Add white-balance to the batch base tools.
057 ==> 225718 : Crash when having two tags with the same name in one folder.
058 ==> 221918 : Wrong thumbnails after save as.
059 ==> 226586 : digiKam 1.2 crashes after My Tags window goes blank.
060 ==> 226885 : Not displayed thumbnails failed load kio_digikamalbums.
061 ==> 226363 : Root album is not expansed after upgrade to model view port.
062 ==> 224080 : Selected image thumbnails should be automatically added to the list of images for processing in Batch Queue Manager.
063 ==> 225722 : Selection in editor should not darken image.
064 ==> 228802 : Copy paste doesn’t work.
065 ==> 227064 : digiKam 1.1.0: crash on image download.
066 ==> 228807 : Dancing thumbs in album view.
067 ==> 214303 : Position of preview type buttons is inconsistent across different tools.
068 ==> 163286 : Accurate histogram preview required.
069 ==> 229287 : Crash in digiKam when renaming with directory.
070 ==> 148540 : Improvements of adding noise tool.
071 ==> 229340 : digiKam Crashes When Saving PNG Files.
072 ==> 229664 : Curves Widget not working anymore in BWSepia Plugin.
073 ==> 229574 : Moving tags doesn’t update the “tag counter” next to the tag name.
074 ==> 229690 : No picture on thumb bar icon.
075 ==> 229793 : Drop image file in digiKam.
076 ==> 228483 : digiKam 1.1.0 with system libjpeg-8 breaks image rotation.
077 ==> 187431 : Gui too big for eeepc.
078 ==> 230008 : digiKam Nikon fetching pictures.
079 ==> 229470 : digiKam fails to start with QCursor: Cannot create bitmap cursor; invalid bitmap(s).
080 ==> 221992 : “local contrast” settings make no difference.
081 ==> 230003 : Zoombar slider adjustments below 100% are hard to archieve [patch].
082 ==> 228810 : Need to roll over again on a thumb to correct the rating.
083 ==> 210259 : Scan crashed on multi-layer TIFFs.
084 ==> 229344 : digiKam starting up - loading kipi-plugins.
085 ==> 229578 : Metadata is not correctly updated when just assigning tags.
086 ==> 230323 : ShowFoto and digiKam opening Olympus E-P2 ORF file will crash.
087 ==> 229108 : digiKam doesn’t display all images after and upgrade.
088 ==> 201591 : Restart queue in Batch queue manager.
089 ==> 223003 : Cancelling duplicate search doesn’t remove waiting cursor.
090 ==> 230358 : Selected album does not match containing items.
091 ==> 231048 : Monochrome tool shows plain grey preview.
092 ==> 222774 : Many (but not all) tags have been lost after multiple albums facility added.
093 ==> 226504 : When moving assigned tag in the keywords hierachy it becomes unassigned.
094 ==> 220415 : Clicking the + in the Album tree expands and just collapses subdirs again.
095 ==> 207881 : Album order differs in import dialog.
096 ==> 231361 : digiKam crash when trying to open NIKON NEF format photos from camera.
097 ==> 230573 : digiKam crash with import from DSL Nikon D90.
098 ==> 196470 : Update files with metadata from DB.
099 ==> 224052 : Pressing Delete repeatedly is not cached.


WOW, a million thanks!!
Can't wait for the ubuntu repository to be updated! :-)


Multithreading support in tools looks impressive!


Awesome, thanks to all Free Libre Software developers! please never stop!

Me wants

Now! :D

Thanks a million. DigiKam just keeps getting better, especially with all the multithreading speedups!

Grey on grey

This website's colour scheme, particularly its poor contrast, is not a good advertisment for a photo management application. In particular, the screenshot does not do the new release (and all the hard work that went into it) any justice at all. Your really owe it to yourself and the rest of the digiKam team to select another colour scheme - preferably one based on a white background, at least for the main frame.

I disagree.

I couldn't agree less :] The website, as the screenshot, both use a color scheme very friendly to the photographer's eyes :] I can't imagine anyone serious about photography using a light color scheme in digiKam/KDE. While a nice light lime color scheme seems more exciting than boring (almost)monochrome, when looking at a photography-related program I might try I want to see it as it will appear when I use it, and this is it. As for the contents of the screenshot, they reflect what's new in 1.2.0. If you take a look at the changelog, you can see that the only really visible differences are in the BQM. Apart for the bug fixes, things got multi-threaded and we finally have a neat preview widget, but those things are hard to show in a screenshot.

See the 1.2.0 changelog.

I agree with the above

I agree with the above sentence.... Grey - based themes are the most suitable for serious photographic usage... Everything lighter distracts the eye and as a result you cannot make a good decesion about contrast and tones of the photo...

Also, the Karmic Koala PPA is updated with digikam 1.2, here https://launchpad.net/~fboucault/+archive/ppa


Many thanks for this new release.

Better and better.

problem with compile an install


i can't compile and install the new version. make bring me the following error

CMakeFiles/digikam.dir/leftsidebarwidgets.o: In function `~GPSSearchSideBarWidget':
/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: undefined reference to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget'
/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: undefined reference to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget'
/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: undefined reference to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget'
/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: undefined reference to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget'
/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: undefined reference to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget'
CMakeFiles/digikam.dir/leftsidebarwidgets.o:/home/sten/Downloads/digikam/digikam/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp:1049: more undefined references to `vtable for Digikam::GPSSearchSideBarWidget' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

can anybody help me?

openSUSE Packages

are in KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop for KDE SC 4.4 and will soon be in KDE:Backports for KDE SC 4.3

MacOS Build

It would be great to have native build of digikam for Mac OS X. Build it using macports is very difficult and slooow.

DNG converter

Hi Gilles,

first I want to say "thank you" to you and the whole team for the great work with DigiKam, I like it very much.

Although this is not the right blog I have a question concerning the DNG converter (I use DigiKam 1.0.0 from Karmic backports) which I tested for the first time with my Fuji S6500fd (also S6000fd in the United States). The output/DNG is really poor: only black pictures but my camera is included in the "supported raw camera" list and I had no problems at all with raw files in the last two years.

I wonder if anyone has tested the DNG converter with Fuji raw (RAF) files?

Thanks in advance!

please, send me sample...

Send me a RAF file sample by private mail (gmail). I will checkout with last code from svn trunk where Adobe DNG sdk have been updated to last 1.3.0

Just tested... I confirm

I confirm. RAF file raw matrix is baddly demosaiced or interpreted to be encapsuled to DNG container. It just a condition to add in dng converter, nothing complicated to do.

Please open a new file in bugzilla about this subject. Thanks in advance...

See bug report 233393


I opened a bug report at bugs.kde.org
Thanks for your support!

Regards, Juergen

P.S. If you still need an example .RAF file just tell me!

Excellent work!

Thank you for digikam---it's been getting really good over the last few releases!

I noticed on the changelog that the "add vignetting" tool had changed. I'm not sure if it's just my setup or not, but now the "add vignetting" is no longer useable. Basically, there is no longer a gradual change from light to dark and instead there is an abrupt jump. I'm sure that this is not what you had in mind!

Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!

Any idea when you guys will

Any idea when you guys will be adding a screensaver?