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digiKam 1.3.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam 1.3.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

digiKam will also be available for Windows. Pre-compiled packages can be downloaded with KDE-Windows installer. See KDE-Windows project for details.

See the list of new features below and bug-fixes coming with this release since 1.2.0 (released in march 2010 : 78 files have been closed):

Enjoy digiKam.


General : New Database interface to support different database backend. MySql and SQlite are supported. Internal and Remote MySql server are supported.
General : libkdcraw dependency set to 1.1.0 version.
General : libkexiv2 dependency set to 1.1.0 version.

AdvancedRename : New option: database. Allows to rename files according to database values.

QueueManager : Add capability to apply an image watermark over a photo.


001 ==> 232632 : Tar will not compile DRawDecoding has no member named DontStretchPixels.
002 ==> 232628 : Crash on startup in RatingWidget.
003 ==> 232875 : Compile 1.2.0 from tar or 1.3.0 from SVN Decorate / Texture gives me a blank target and will not apply.
004 ==> 233109 : digiKam fails pre-compile checks on win32.
005 ==> 229951 : Crash while scrolling library.
006 ==> 228979 : digiKam crashed after saving a photograph to PGF format.
007 ==> 195652 : digiKam crashed after rebuilding fingerprints.
008 ==> 233287 : Introduction of TagsCache has broken compilation on win32.
009 ==> 215737 : digiKam crash when imported from usb flash drive.
010 ==> 216327 : Crashed when scanning for new pictures.
011 ==> 215528 : Crashed after importing removabale storage.
012 ==> 229340 : digiKam Crashes When Saving PNG Files, now 1.2.0 also.
013 ==> 233253 : no thumbnails are displayed in tags, timeline or search mode.
014 ==> 233418 : Apparent slot typo in tagscache.cpp.
015 ==> 232720 : All Digikam Albums show zero items even though pictures exist.
016 ==> 195373 : Crash while closing after loading folder with large images.
017 ==> 223383 : digiKam crashes when selecting another album after exporting an album to Picasa.
018 ==> 233458 : digiKam lost collection identified by volume uuid but its still present.
019 ==> 233739 : Color management is disabled when using “Aspect Ratio Crop”.
020 ==> 233927 : Olympus raw file crashes thumbnail view.
021 ==> 183171 : Decode and encode metadata once only.
022 ==> 233987 : digiKam crashes after renaming two files using the #-character.
023 ==> 227911 : digiKam unable to assign movie thumbnail as album thumbnail.
024 ==> 234102 : Images are not displayed into the virtual album.
025 ==> 233879 : Templates for XMP and IPTC not working.
026 ==> 214340 : Crash occured when removing tags.
027 ==> 233094 : libpgf relevant : thumbnails blurry (when scaling) on PowerPC platform (big-endian).
028 ==> 233549 : [database] Stuck at saving new image.
029 ==> 231598 : Metadata on Albums are lost when album moved from one collection to another.
030 ==> 234567 : Setting the rating causes reset of the zoom.
031 ==> 234594 : digiKam crashes when scanning tags.
032 ==> 234022 : Renaming tool “loose” original filename.
033 ==> 234569 : BQM: Changes in “Queue Settings” does not enable the Run button.
034 ==> 235158 : digiKam crashes when setting the rating [database relevant, DatabaseCoreBackend::execQuery].
035 ==> 234545 : Red eye correction tool is missing from image editor.
036 ==> 235368 : When right clic on RAW, the option “open with” is not there.
037 ==> 235469 : digiKam Segmentation fault after 2 or 3 modifications.
038 ==> 235491 : Regression in rev. 1115803, SIGSEGV or SIGABRT in image filters in editor.
039 ==> 235589 : Build error String_literal_as_second_argument_to_i18n, databaseserver.cpp error.
040 ==> 225533 : digiKam does not read metadata from Nepomuk.
041 ==> 184444 : Customize Filename in Download window doesn’t seem to work.
042 ==> 188525 : Problem with same names on download from mass storage camera using file renaming.
043 ==> 230515 : Cash of digikam on closing program.
044 ==> 235171 : digiKam crashes when saving ratings to a raw (nef) file.
045 ==> 235600 : Color auto corrections are broken.
046 ==> 235902 : Preview of RAW image is nt updated if settings for import are changed.
047 ==> 236002 : Photos not visible when starting in calendar view.
048 ==> 151156 : Removing the metadata (EXIF) pannel while loading another picture shows blank black picture!
049 ==> 236127 : digiKam crashes sometimes, when changing the rating of a rawfile.
050 ==> 236523 : Auto-rotating of RW2 images is broken.
051 ==> 237178 : digiKam confuses disk partitions.
052 ==> 236425 : digiKam editor crashes when saving multiple images.
053 ==> 237522 : Import doesn’t rotate images according to exif orientation.
054 ==> 237514 : digiKam fails to read the tag metadata when importing a digikam3.db database.
055 ==> 237616 : Context menu “Move to Album” doesn’t updated.
056 ==> 237555 : digiKam crashed after moving two albums to the same destination album.
057 ==> 219878 : Collection configuration: Configuration dialog is shown for 5 seconds after cancelling a scan for a new collection.
058 ==> 232615 : Crash at closing image editor while importing raw.
059 ==> 206127 : While saving data for multiple images, digikam blocks new changes.
060 ==> 226239 : Clicking on windows ajust tool zoom the image but the view port does not correspond to the selection.
061 ==> 211758 : Saving TIFF-16 compressed using exiv2 0.18 shows odd results.
062 ==> 238338 : Sometimes digikam reads a wrong ICC profile from images.
063 ==> 214669 : Stange duplicated images behavior after fingerprints rebuild.
064 ==> 230442 : digiKam crashes when clicking directory button in rename pictures dialog.
065 ==> 210612 : After rename in digiKam pictures preview are not possible.
066 ==> 211804 : Curves adjust: hard to use when Gray theme.
067 ==> 229370 : ICC profile in Colors tab incorrect for nef raw images, also crashes digikam for some profiles.
068 ==> 221281 : Crash in Image Editor after editing multiple (100+) pictures.
069 ==> 240269 : digiKam crash after update to 4.5 beta (4.4.80).
070 ==> 233409 : Image watermark in batch queue manager.
071 ==> 231585 : Empty date for mod files.
072 ==> 238232 : Image rating widget in AlbumGUI is too sensitive.
073 ==> 209281 : digiKam crashes when dragging image to light table.
074 ==> 240828 : Crash after cancelling save operation that was stuck.
075 ==> 233766 : Deadlock at changing from mysql to sqlite.
076 ==> 240048 : Open images with double instead of single click.
077 ==> 218633 : “Write Metadata to Selected Images” Very Slow for Large Number of Images.
078 ==> 237565 : digiKam crash when un-checking KIPI external modules.

Great work!

Thanks for the work! Keep going!


Keep up the good work.
What would KDE be without your nice software!

Digikam is great. But for

Digikam is great. But for Windows I can only find 1.1.0 Am I doing something wrong?

win32 not yet ready...

Ask to kde-windows team to update package as well. We only provide source code tarballs...


Tagging: How robust is it to changes?

Thanks DigiDevs!

An impressive list of fixes as always!

Is there a way to backup tags and restore them if the OS needs reinstalling / the folder structure gets changed? I desperately would love to get all my pictures tagged, but I'm kind of afraid to put all the time into tagging if my tags could all be lost the next time I switch / upgrade distro's...

Is the answer to this the option to just have them all written to the files? I couldn't be sure what data would be written and what wouldn't... (Ratings? Comments? Tags?)

Anyway, thanks for another great release. I look forward to getting my hands on it!

Write tags to photos metadata

Write tags to photos metadata itself so then you can easily just move photos where ever you want and all tags follows them. The metadata writing to RAW files is still experimental. But JPEG and others goes well.

Thanks Fri13 Is there any way

Thanks Fri13

Is there any way of knowing *which* metadata is written to jpegs? Like, if I have nested tags (eg people > family > aunty sue) will they still be nested after moving? What about ratings? What about location?etc. etc.

How do you know what is / isn't included?

PS 1.3 is already in Arch Stable repos! \o/ Man, I love having a rolling distro :D


The tags get in such order how they are tagged. All (as far I know) the metadata what you store to digiKam database can be as well written in files what can just be written be exiv2. This just excludes the RAW files. Ratings, comments, tags, locations etc are placed to Exiv, IPTC or XMP metadata. You can see the metadata when selected wanted photo and then watching the sidepanel or using Image -> Metadata -menu entry.

I have many times moved photos from computer to other (JPEG/PNG) and just imported and I have got all the tags as they should be placed.

Hi, great new release but I

great new release but I am wondering when you are going to simplify the user interface. I think it has become way too cluttered over the last two years.
Thanks for your work.


Thanks for another great update. Glad to see the mysql support. I've always had good luck with sqlite, but will feel more comfortable with mysql, given the size of my databases.

I hadn't heard much about an upcoming release and was surprised to see it so soon. This is one of the few applications where I follow development almost daily and it always makes my day to get a new release, especially one with improvements I actually use!


Look at release plan...

In Release plan page, we set date for next release planed.


We trying to release digiKam and kipi-plugins using a short cycle now (2-3 month maximum). We use same release id for both packages.



Thanks for the new version and thanks for the update of the roadmap?

Is there a place to see short / mid / long terms plan for digikam? (Sorry i'm just sooo curious :p)

Keep doing such great work!

well, not yet...

There is not yet a Road-map. I working on to provide this information somewhere here, following team.

But take a look to the coding sprint plan. Main future development are there :



Hello, i have a problem with


i have a problem with the new Version. I install digikam and kipi-plugins 1.3.0 over svn and a second try with tar. But digikam starts only as 1.2.0? cmake an make show no errors while compilling, So what is my mistake? My os ist kubuntu 10.04.

Could it be you still have

Could it be you still have DigiKam from the repo installed?

By the way.. you can also install the latest DigiKam from Philip's PPA's.