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digiKam 1.4.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam 1.4.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

See the list of new features below and bug-fixes coming with this release since 1.3.0

Enjoy digiKam.


AdvancedRename : New modifier “Remove Doubles”.


001 ==> 238285 : Nikkor 18-200mm not detected by lens autocorrection.
002 ==> 232233 : Databaseext-branch does not compile on Windows with mingw4.
003 ==> 241782 : Tags, comments, author, etc. not written to metadata.
004 ==> 232792 : digiKam crash when opening configuration.
005 ==> 242863 : Caption field layout can be confused by pasted text.
006 ==> 242937 : When using raw import tool, showfoto cannot export the processed image.
007 ==> 243696 : digiKam didn’t detect my local collection anymore after replacing internal harddisk.
008 ==> 243747 : Comment which is stored in database can’t be accessed via digiKam.
009 ==> 216273 : digiKam exif gps not in xmp.
010 ==> 244114 : “Find similar” works for a single image, but “Find duplicates” doesn’t work for a directory.
011 ==> 244151 : Renaming image files causes them to vanish from an album.
012 ==> 241418 : LZW compressed TIFFs from RawTherapee are won’t display.
013 ==> 212848 : Crashed in slideshow while viewing.
014 ==> 245061 : [patch] “Restore Tag Filters” is broken, works only for top level nodes.
015 ==> 245336 : Image editor does not remember camera profile under Custom.
016 ==> 243692 : digiKam uses all memory with thumbnails.
017 ==> 226544 : Suspicious QModelIndex messages at startup.
018 ==> 240945 : Picture size does not report correctly after gimp.
019 ==> 245380 : Improve the ergonomics of the bwsepia filter ui.
020 ==> 204568 : Metadata not being written to files.
021 ==> 246938 : Extension aware rename (maintain raw file and jpg association by basename).
022 ==> 247850 : digiKam 1.3.0 crashes.
023 ==> 247590 : digiKam not checking if libexiv2 was compiled with xmp support.
024 ==> 246774 : Create New Tag vs Create New Tag in.
025 ==> 246675 : Crash on startup/scanning folders.
026 ==> 225471 : Change digiKam to follow usability guidelines.
027 ==> 248549 : digiKam crash at startup (suse’s backport repo).

Thanks DigiDev's!

Looks like another great release of everyone's favourite photo manager! Particularly greatful for fix 241782.

Rock on Team DigiKam™!

Great news!

I also have to say that the pace of digikam development is amazing. For its task, this program is the best, ever.

I am also happy about 241782. I left it overnight writing ~12000 tags, to realise that just few were written. Now I am back to business (i.e. to captioning images :) ).


Digikam 1.4.0 with Fedora F12/F13?

Does anyone have any pointers how it would be possible to have digikam 1.4.0 on Fedora F12 or F13?

I have tried to find backport rpm without success, and have tried also to recompile/regenerate the digikam.spec, but I encountered non-trivial errors (missing stuff inside kdegraphics-devel package).

So does anyone have any idea how to upgrade from 1.2.0 to 1.4.0 on Fedora?

P.S. I really like digikam, thanks!

I want to install digikam on

I want to install digikam on Win7 with KDE on Windows, but in the installer I can't find digikam. Does it have another name there? I used stable 4.4.4. and tried all compilers.

Regarding bug 225471, was it

Regarding bug 225471, was it fixed or simply ignored? Although Lightroom 3 isn't perfect, it is lightyears ahead of digiKam in terms of usability. I realize that now after having used Adobe's product recently for the first time after having used digiKam for three years.

Therefore I'll say it again: digiKam doesn't need any more new features, it needs to be easier to use, have a more predictable user interface, a more efficient user interface (i.e. require less mouse clicks to achieve something) and a cleaner user interface. For the sake of your users, please spend much more time on improving the user interface.

Thank you.


You say the UI needs improvement, which may be absolutely correct. But I'll say the same thing I'd say if you were commenting on my own project: What *specifically* should be improved?

How about writing out, say, 5 specific suggestions and see if they are well received, and if so, write out more?

Perhaps I'll have some time

Perhaps I'll have some time in the future to hack together a proposal in Qt Designer. I have just been burned before by having a project ignore my contributions, so I am more happy ranting than investing a lot of time ;-)

compiling/installing under Ubuntu Lucid

Hi there,

did somebody successfully build 1.4 under Ubuntu Lucid? Found this ppa but there are many dependencies which are not fulfilled...

Try adding

Try adding "ppa:nuovodna/nuovodna-stuff" to your system's Software Sources. I'm running Kubuntu Lucid with kde 4.5 and it worked for me. Good luck

No, this does not solve the

No, this does not solve the problem..... In Ubuntu 10.04 it gets lots of not installable dependencies...