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digiKam 1.7.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

Just at Christmas time, digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam 1.7.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

See below the list of bugs-fixes coming with this release.

Enjoy digiKam and Happy new year.


001 ==> 180224 : Memory leakage in image editor?
002 ==> 257676 : Crash when I renane files.
003 ==> 239862 : digiKam crashes when trying to edit a picture.
004 ==> 224454 : Don’t show raw files with metadata when searching or filtering.
005 ==> 214837 : Crash while saving picture in pic editor.
006 ==> 256951 : Showfoto crashes on color correction.
007 ==> 217069 : Undo/Redo are greyed out in image editor under MacOSX.
008 ==> 257769 : Crash on Enhance->Lens->Auto-Correction.
009 ==> 257784 : Lens auto correction does not specify unit for “distance to the object”.
010 ==> 256050 : digiKam crashed after modifying tag name.
011 ==> 250134 : digiKam crashed during search for duplicates.
012 ==> 243988 : digiKam crashes trying to save plugin changes.
013 ==> 257744 : digiKam crash on importing large collection.
014 ==> 242439 : Crash when going to next picture in picture editor.
015 ==> 235678 : No startup dialog but error dialogs(s).
016 ==> 257898 : Allow displaying folders recursively.
017 ==> 257897 : Amount of duplicate images list is sorted the wrong way round.
018 ==> 234534 : digiKam not synchronizing legacy tags with new nepomuk database.
019 ==> 237642 : digiKam crashes while renaming several files.
020 ==> 258308 : Crash when starting Free Rotation in Image Editor.
021 ==> 248882 : digiKam crashes when renaming using date/time info.
022 ==> 217555 : “Cannot display preview” error when browsing.
023 ==> 258600 : “transupp.cpp” fails to compile on emerged KDE.
024 ==> 233572 : Showfoto crashed on change hue value.
025 ==> 258828 : Crash when I use auto-colors correction tool from image editor.
026 ==> 195561 : Implement a selective saturation filter [patch].
027 ==> 258931 : Linking broken when using -Wl, –no-copy-dt-needed-entries.
028 ==> 258300 : digiKam won’t build.
029 ==> 256023 : Cannot work with Sigma-RAW-files (X3F).
030 ==> 257904 : digiKam not reading metadata from foreign images.
031 ==> 256897 : Crash upon unmounting of USB drive.
032 ==> 259257 : Too small font size.
033 ==> 210353 : digiKam duplicates icons for TIFF files.
034 ==> 260299 : X Axis Color Graduation in Curves Window mirrored.
035 ==> 242021 : digiKam crashes during file save.

What about face recognition

What about face recognition stuff?

In 2.0

In 2.0

Lots of Bug Fixes. Yay!

It’s nice to see that these recent releases are very focussed on fixing
bugs and making DigiKam more stable. New features are nice, but making
existing features work really well is just as nice. Keep up the good
work. I appreciate it.

Hear, hear!

I fully agree…although face recognition would help me convert a few Google Picasa users : P

Face Recognition

Is there anyone out there who knows what we can reasonably
expect from the planned face recognition support? How accurate
is it likely to be? Will it take just as long to go through the
photos and correct the missing or incorrect “Person” tags after
automatic face recognition as it would to do the whole thing
manually? Will automatic recognition take longer to run than
doing it by hand?

I don’t really have any issues with doing it manually, but that
might be because I want to tag all the photos anyway. Face
recognition might be of more use for those users who do not
intend to tag all the photos and would just like to find “photos
with faces like this one” from time-to-time.

(Does anyone else think that the CAPTCHA should not ask for
letters like w, c, v, s, p, o, x, u, and others that look the same
in upper-case and lower-case? It’s painful!)

look release plan…

It’s planed to 2.0.0. Look there :



Face Recognition

Hi Gilles,

Thanks, but I’ve seen that before:

digiKam 2.x Release Plan - including GoSC-2010 works
(as XMP Sidecar support, Face Recognition, and Versioning)
- from git repository

However, it doesn’t answer any of my questions. I was
wondering if anyone knew what it would be like to use,
not when it would be available.


Anyway the first beta was

Anyway the first beta was planed on 26, so it should not be long before you can try by yourself.

BTW, thanks to all the team for this amazing soft, it’s so precious for somebody disorganised like me :)


I would love to switch from Picasa, all I need is a native Mac version.

Great pressie :)

A great big thank you to all working on DigiKam.

Merry Xmas and wishing you all a great new year.


Thanks for getting down and doing the most important yet unfun side f things, eliminating those bugs and getting Digikam (even more) rock solid, stable.

Just a quick question: Is there any interest in using all the new QML stuff t get a more dynamic, animated interface into Digikam. When I tried Lightroom, I was struck by how nice it just “felt” with images moving around and zooming in when I selected one.

It would also be awesome if settings allowed an image being viewed to take up more of the screen (such as in Gwenview). Having menu’s and bars on all four sides makes it a bit cramped.

Enough of the grousing / wishlist items though. Thanks for already making Digikam the sexy and massively featured image management app it already is. Your work is appreciated! :D


Many congratulations to your team for all your great work to improve digital photography on Linux!

digiKam start dialog says to

digiKam start dialog says to not use nfs for the database because of dataloss. my home and all pictures are mounted via nfs so i aborted the setup. nfs is widely used. why is it a problem?

Sqlite database

Look on Sqlite database website in FAQ. There is a problem with DB transactions. Use mysql instead…


Entering Image menu cause GDM crash

Sorry for writing it here, but I can’t find the solution anywhere else.
Every time I enter the Image menu, gdm crash and I am log out.
Maybe someone can give me a tip when to look for a solution.
I was searching in many forums and bug tracking systems.

is possible to install

is possible to install digikam 1.7 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ?

Yes, it is possible to

Yes, it is possible to install digiKam 1.7.0 under Ubuntu 10.04.

In a few steps:
1) apt-get build-dep digikam kipi-plugins
2) checkout libkexiv2 (apply patch!) and libkdcraw from svn repository (links on this site)
3) download digiKam 1.7.0 sources
4) compile+install libkdcraw, libkexiv2 and digiKam.

Hope I could help you,

tanks, i try !!!!!

tanks, i try !!!!!

digikam open one time wont open again in mint

got digikam to down fine but only opened one time after that nothing,
uninstalled it then redid it got to run for 2 day now nothing again

Check if digikam process is

Check if digikam process is running in background:
ps -ef | grep digikam

If it’s using significant amount of CPU, probably it is refreshing your albums…


I know I’m a bit late but you can find digikam 1.7 and kipi-plugins 1.7 for debian i386 at this address: http://xraynaudphotos.free.fr/debian.php (amd64 is already in debian/experimental)