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digiKam Software Collection 2.0.0 is out…

by digiKam


Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce the digiKam Software Collection 2.0.0!

The road to version 2.0.0 took more than a year of heavy development. The team proudly announces the first release of the new generation of digiKam. This version features long awaited face detection and recognition, image versioning support, XMP metadata sidecar files support, big improvements in tagging and marking photos, reversed geo-tagging and many other improvements, including a total of 236 fixed bugs.

Close companion Kipi-plugins is released along with digiKam 2.0.0. This release features new export tools to three web services - Yandex.Fotki, MediaWiki and Rajce. The GPSSync plugin now has the ability to do reverse-geocoding. And as usual, 48 bugfixes.

As usual, digiKam software collection tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge Repository

Happy digiKam…

What about non linux stand alone instalers?

Hi there!

As usual, thanks a lot for all the effort and work all of you, members of the community put in this superb piece of software.
I don’t use as much as I’d like Gnu/Linux; nowadays I’m a MacOSX user. Despite I have tried Digikam on Macports, I must say it’s not enough and that’s a real pitty, because I love Digikam, but in the last year I have spent much more time compiling and trying Digikam than working on my photos; and it never worked properly. Digikam is not to be blamed, in fact no one is to be blamed; but, it just doesn’t fit. So I must ask whether stand alone installers are foreseen for Digikam. I’m mostly interested on MacOsX, but I think that answering this question several times for diferent SO, just will get you tired. So If you could, just do it as for several SO, Win, MacOs, etc?

Recalling my gratefullness, a milion thanks,


YES, I’ve been

YES, I’ve been looking/waiting for a Mac OS X binary for literally years. It would be amazing to get an installer for non-Linux OSes, such as Windows and Mac OS X.
By the way, how did you get Macports to compile digiKam? It has never worked for me…

macport file is updated…

digiKam 2.0.0 have been updated to macport project:


Digikam MacPort never worked for me

The installation via MacPorts never worked for me neither. Just tried the new release and it failed again. Missing Digikam since I switched from Linux to OS X …

latest working version for me

latest working version for me was 1.8.0 (but after 4-th attempt), and compilation take more than 12 hours :-(
2.0.0 is now “working”, but actually I can’t import CR2 files

I really want normal installer for OSX

AND please remove dependency on kdelibs, marble and mysql.

I think, that the quality and stability goes down with KDE4 :-(


Congratulation to all the team. This software is juste great ! indeed the face recognition was a needed feature. Reverse geotagging sounds pretty cool as well.

Can’t wait to fully test it.



Maybe most important feature that face regocnition as now i can easily find all people from my images for easy tagging. and now finally i can suggest digikam to everyone (including my mother!) as everyone want this great feature!

face detection works pretty

face detection works pretty good
recognition is not working :‘(
(philip5 ppa, kubuntu)

not yet finalized

Face recognition is under developement into libface…


I don’t understand…the face

I don’t understand…the face detection works well but digikam does not recognise people from 1 photo to another…
is it normal? is it already implented or not yet?
Anyway this new version is awesome :)

(it’d be great to have some howto use those new functions (vids , doc, …)

Thanks for you work


Is the documentation up-to-date to describe the use of these new features. For example, is there any clear explanation of how to use the XMP side-car support and what the behaviour is when, say, there are files like “img_1234.jpg” and “img_1234.cr2” present?

I look forward to using many of the new features, but I don’t want to experiment with some of those features until I know how they will behave.

In the meantime, well done and congratulations on your latest exciting release!

will we get a windows

will we get a windows installer or waQs the RC the released version ?

Spectacular photo manager

Congrats on the release of this spectacular photo manager. It’s one of the things that made me to finally switch to GNU/Linux and since I work a lot with photos this alone was well worth it. Thanks for working on the software and making it available for free and even opensource. You are the greatest!

Probably outdated link

First congrats to this release. I really like digiKam.

Looking for the sources I found a little thing to report:
As kipi-plugins is now inside the digikam tarball, this site:
is not up to date, it links to
but the files there look outdated.


Alter ihr seid die Geilsten!

Alter ihr seid die Geilsten! :-) :-) Digikam hooray !!

Nothing to say but… CONGRATULATIONS!

I always appreciate the hard work and dedication that the Digikam team put into making what has become one of KDE and FOSS in general’s flagship products. With many, many gig of photos I don’t know how I’d get by without Digikam. Thanks for keeping photography fun. You all rock!

New Version - Great but how to install?

I’m sure the new version is great. But I am not fit enough in Linux-Ubuntu to get it installed.
Of course there are lots of How-Tos on the IN regarding the installation of Tarballs, but none seems to work for me.
Or do I have to wait until this version get available through Ubuntu?

Hi, You might get some hints


You might get some hints if you go through the digiKam users mailing list:

Not on Ubuntu myself but there has been some discussions about ubuntu PPAs there.


digiKam 2.0

Congratulations on achieving this major milestone. It’s a real pleasure watching this application grow. Great job team!

Windows installer

Any plan on releasing a binary installer for windows? it would be much appreciated.


digiKam 2.0.0 Windows installer uploaded to SourceForge.net repository…


The correct URL

Seems to work, but…

I just installed the Windows version on a Windows7 64 bit machine. It seems to have installed fine, except for the fact that no shortcut to digiKam was created. I had to manually make one pointing to:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\digiKam\KDE4-MSVC\bin\digikam.exe”

But, other than that, so far so good. Thanks!

Oops, never mind.

Oops. Actually, the program crashes when I try to edit an image with the Image Editor from the preview. This happens even if I run it in Compatibility mode.

Well, actually, it also crashes when mousing over a preview in places such as the Auto-Correction tool. All in all, it is not yet ready for prime time. But, it shows a lot of promise. Of course, in Linux this tool is awesome.

For regular Windows users, at moment, better option is to use the old installed as described here:


I have not had much issue

I have not had much issue with crashes , but i am on XP SP3 and running digikam 2.0 RC still .

Note , I did find one pic that digikam crashes but only one so far .

It crashes here too.

I get a lot of crashes too, I’m on win 7 x64 and I work with 10Mpx JPGs, I get the “Digikam has stopped working” window even while simply viewing photos, but more often while tagging faces.
It seems to crash more often than the RC…

yes, I didn’t really test

yes, I didn’t really test this, but going through my pic album I am getting random crashes when the next pic goes to preview mode .

That seems to be one problem with Digikam, its not focused for Win OS’s .

disable preview mode

Update : try disable preview pic and go right into edit window. So far this seems more stable but needs more testing .
BTW I use 12mp Canon 450D/XSI camera .

Digikam 2.0.0 crashes

Great program. A must!
But version 2 final for windows crashes in winXP SP3 when loading or editing images and instalation is messy.I Tried with previous Release Candidate and seems to work fine. That makes no sense!
Final win version was tested in three machines with XP home SP3 and crashes in all of them (AMD dual core and Intel singles) Previous version 1.7 was working fine on them.
Great program, can´t live without it

More about version 2.0

Let’s see: Digikam 2.0 win32 seems to hang on systems with XP. I have solved the problem in a rather clumsy way. Since the RC does not seem to crash but has flaws, like not being able to change the language, after installing the final version I installed the previous RC on top and voila! seems to work. This has to do with the KDE libraries for windows. It’s a shame because the win32 version 1.7 works really well. In Linux Ubuntu 11.04 I could not try because I couldn’t install from the repositories because of problems with broken packages, and version 1.9 works smoothly. It is a pity that so great a program, have dependency problems with KDE in both environments. I hope there will be solved and I would like to help but I am not a programmer I can only write this and I thank all those involved in the project their great effort and enthusiasm. Thank you all!

Portable Version

Could you offer a portable version of digikam?

Maybe with the assistance of PortableApps.com.

Thank You.

Release plan

In your “Release Plan” page there’s nothing listed after 2.0.0, do you have any idea about when we can expect a 2.0.1 release?

PS: Am I the only one who can’t answer the CHAPTA correctly in less than 5 tries?

2.1.0 in september

there are already more than 40 files closed in bugzilla…

Reverse geotagging sounds

Reverse geotagging sounds really cool.

Major disapointment

I’m sorry to say that even if I was eagerly awaiting this release upgrading to it from digikam 2.0beta6 has been a nightmare. I started optimistically by rebuilding and upgrading digikam. It would refuse to start (mysql db). So I tried migrating the database from mysql to sqlite - doesn’t work because “ Details: columns name, pid are not unique” for the tags table. I’m pretty sure that it’s normal for pid not to be unique - different tags can have the same parent. I tried starting from scratch with a new mysql db. Doesn’t work. I tried starting from scratch with new sqlite db. I had to erase the config and start over 3-4 times until it finally didn’t hang with sql connection fail.

I’m reverting to beta6 hopefully the next versions will be more usable.

Don’t get me wrong digikam is the reason I’m finally satisfied with processing my pictures on linux but after all the fun & features the beta brought this stable version is like returning to an alpha.

Thank you for this peace of software and I’m eagerly awaiting a new version!

Custom Sort in Icon View?

I haven’t found any info about custom sort in icon view?
See: http://digikam.1695700.n4.nabble.com/Bug-236249-New-wish-custom-sort-in-album-view-td2124665.html

Digikam is a really great program and I think this is its only flaw. I do really looking forward to you to solve it.

Thanks for your great job!