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digiKam Software Collection 2.6.0 beta1 is out…

by digiKam


Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce the 1st digiKam Software Collection 2.6.0 beta release!

With this release, digiKam include a lots of bugs fixes and new features introduced to last Coding Sprint from Genoa.

digiKam include now a progress manager to control all paralelized process done in background. Also, a new Maintenance Tool have been implemented to simplify all maintenance tasks to process on your whole collections.

This beta release is not yet stable. Do not use yet in production. Please report all bugs to KDE bugzilla following indications from this page. The release plan can be seen at this url.

See the list of digiKam file closed with this release into KDE bugzilla.

See the list of Kipi-plugins file closed with this release into KDE bugzilla.

digiKam software collection tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge Repository

Happy digiKam testing…

Links to changes are not working

The link to the list of digiKam bugs closed leads to a page that prompts me to log in. Is the link correct? Maybe it works for you if you have a previously remembered login.

The link to the list of Kipi-plugins bugs closed opens a prompt to save “NEWS” as a “BIN” file. Is the MIME type correct, or is that beyond your control?


links fixed…



I really really really love digikam- in fact, I’m using linux just because of digikam. Everything else I do in OS X. I prefer it that hard over iPhoto and Aperture.

I know digikam can run on OS X, I’ve had it running once or twice but found it to be unstable. Is there a digikam-on-mac effort I can be directed to / become part of? I’d love to try this beta on the OS X side.

DVD Slideshows

As much as I like Digikam, I really wish it had the capability to make MPEG slideshows like it did in the days of Ubuntu 9.04. I can only hope someone has a solution for this. :(