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digiKam Software Collection 4.0.0-beta3 is out..

by digiKam

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce the third beta release of digiKam Software Collection 4.0.0. This version currently under development, include many new feature as:

  • A new tool dedicated to organize whole tag hierarchies. This new feature is relevant of GoSC-2013 project from Veaceslav Munteanu. This project include also a back of Nepomuk support in digiKam broken since a while due to important KDE API changes. Veaceslav has also implemented multiple selection and multiple drag-n-drop capabilities on Tags Manager and Tags View from sidebars, and the support for writing face rectangles metadata in Windows Live Photo format.
  • A new maintenance tool dedicated to parse image quality and auto-tags items automatically using Pick Labels. This tool is relevant to another GoSC-2013 project from Gowtham Ashok. This tool require feedback and hack to be finalized for this release.
  • Showfoto thumbbar is now ported to Qt model/view in order to switch later full digiKam code to Qt5. This project is relevant to another GoSC-2013 project from Mohamed Anwer.

  • A lots of work have been done into Import tool to fix several dysfunctions reported since a very long time. For example, The status to indicate which item have been already downloaded from the device is back. Thanks to Teemu Rytilahti and Islam Wazery to contribute. All fixes are not yet completed and the game continue until the next beta release.

  • This release is now fully ported to Qt4 model-view and drop last Q3-Support classes. The last pending part was Image Editor Canvas ported and completed by Yiou Wang through this GoSC-2013 project. In the future, port to Qt5 will be easy and quickly done, when KDE 5 API will stabilized and released.

Other pending GoSC-2013 projects will be included in next 4.0.0 beta release, step by step, when code will be considerate as good quality, and ready to test by end users. See the release plan for details.

As usual with a major release, we have a long list of files closed with this release into KDE bugzilla.

digiKam software collection tarball can be downloaded from KDE repository

This version is for testing purposes. Please do not use it yet in production!

Thanks in advance for your reports.

Happy digiKam…

Great news! I like especially

Great news! I like especially the fixed importer, no more worrying about forgetting to download everything. I really missed it, but never got enough courage to try and fix it myself.

If someone is interested, I’ve tried to set up a ppa for saucy users at ppa:msylwester/digikam-beta. I’m not sure whether I will be able to maintain it over time, but for now it should work.

PS. The link above points to beta2.

The link above points to beta2.

>The link above points to beta2.




there is a schedule of when the version 4 is available for Windows?

Yes Windows

Yes when will a Windows version be available…. would love to test.

Hello, I would like to know


I would like to know also if there are any plans for windows. Would be great!

I as well, would like to get

I as well, would like to get a windows package. Any plans for a date of a windows release for version 4?

Digikam/kipi-plugins does not

Digikam/kipi-plugins does not compile with latest libjpeg 90, do you plan to support it in the next release?


Yes, there is a report in macports where a bug file is already registered :


How To Compile digiKam Under Microsoft Windows Seven

How To Compile digiKam Under Microsoft Windows Seven http://www.digikam.org/drupal/node/525

this version possible to compile?(window)

how to compile digikam, and kipi-plugin….very very hard.

only, if possible to comfile dngconverter(in kipi-plugin).. how to compile?


Hi, just diffing the source from 3.5.0 to 4.0.0b3… I hope you do realize that Nepomuk is going to be replaced by Baloo? It’s a bit strange to introduce a new dependency in still-to-appear digikam that is already being phased out in the rest of KDE… Cheers, Andreas

Picasa import

Hi all

The only thing that’s keep me on Windows is Picasa. I’ve spent hours and hours to tag faces and I d’on’t want to lose that.
I read that this functionnality has been coded in GoSC-2013 project (http://community.kde.org/Digikam/GSoC2013#Read_face_from_Picasa_metadata_to_populate_digiKam_database). Would it be included in Digikam 4.0?



you won’t loose the tags,

you won’t loose the tags, that you already tagged.
Better said, if you use the newest picasa and configured it so, that the facetags get saved in the image metainformationen, digikam will read the face tags. Even digikam 3 does it