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digiKam Software Collection 4.3.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear digiKam fans and users,

The digiKam Team is proud to announce the release of digiKam Software Collection 4.3.0. This release includes some new features:

  • New option to display all non geo-located images from collections.
  • New notification event when kio-slave cannot be started. OSX event notifier is now used to dispatch notifications under Mac.
  • New action to exclude items without rating with items filter (see details on this blog entry).

After a long bugs triage, we have worked hard also to close your reported issues.. A long list of the issues closed in digiKam 4.3.0 is available through the KDE Bugtracking System.

The digiKam software collection tarball can be downloaded from the KDE repository.

Have fun playing with your photos using this new release,

digiKam Team…

Detección de fotos

Tiene muchos problemas. La aplicación se cierra después de iniciar la detección de rostros y tambien cuando hago clic en algunas otras herramientas (xej. edición de etiquetas).

Error trying to create a tag

I compiled it under Ubuntu 13.10 x64 and got the error below trying to create a tag inside an existing node in the tag tree.
The database is MySQL, the same one I was using with Digikam 4.2. Should I file a bug report or it is known issue?

digikam(9324)/digikam (core): No DB action defined for “InsertTag” ! Implementation missing for this database type.
digikam(9324)/digikam (core): Attempt to execute null action

I have digiKam 4.2 installed

I have digiKam 4.2 installed under /usr and the 4.3 version under my home.
There is a file called /usr/share/kde4/apps/digikam/database/dbconfig.xml installed due to 4.2 and not compatible with 4.3. Renaming it fixed the issue, although it would be great to really have both versions at the same time.

Digikam 4.5 crashes almost immediately

Unfortunately, DK recently updated from 4.2 to 4.3 on my Ubuntu 14.04.
And almost every session it crashes, almost immediately after having opened my photo-directories.

I run Ubuntu 14.04 and have about 40.000 pictures in my library.

Digikam 4.3 crashes

Updated from 4.2 to 4.3 on OpenSuse 12.3 it crashes. I’ve build a new database for pictures. It happens unexpected.

See this report…

What’s up with you guys? You

What’s up with you guys? You make such an excellent product, peerless in the open source world. I also can’t complain that there are lots of bugs in every release, because you are quick to fix them. What drives me mad though, is that you won’t release the fixed version for those of us simple photographers who can’t compile from source. So we are to wait till the December release of 4.4 and hope that there is no critical bug? The last usable version for me was 4.1. But I had to go back to 4.0 because that’s the latest one available in the *buntu repos.

Sorry for the rant, I really appreciate your work. It’s just a pity that you don’t make the last step to actually RELEASE a usable bug-free version, which you already have.

I have updated my packages

I have updated my packages with the libkexiv2 fix if you use my PPA (kubuntu-backports) with digikam 4.3.0 for kubuntu 14.04 with the kubuntu teams kde 4.14.x PPA. Hopefully that solves that bug.

I have installed Digikam from

I have installed Digikam from your PPA, but libkexiv2-11 cannot be installed because of some dependency problem, which it doesn’t state.

Even when I “sudo apt-get -f install libkexiv2-11” it says one package will be installed but it does nothing without any error message.

Thank you for support.

To use my kubuntu-backport

To use my kubuntu-backport PPA you need also my “extra” PPA with updated packages of other software Digikam is dependent of. My kubuntu-backport PPA is also dependent of KDE 4.14.x which is provided by the Kubuntu teams backport PPA. So to sum this up you need total of 3 PPAs.


Got it, I was missing your

Got it, I was missing your “extra” PPA. Now Digikam doesn’t crash anymore!

Thank you all guys for your work!

May I correct you

Hi Robin
I understand how frustrating it is to be stuck with old software, but you need to realize two things:
1- Negative posts do no good to motivate people who code out of passion. Re-word your post in a positive way, so when a coder or package maintainer wakes up in the morning he does not get put off.
2- It is not up to any project to make packages for the countless distributions out there. Find the package maintainer and message him/her, or get in touch with your distribution’s package maintenance people to have them get a newer version up.
Maybe worth adding point 3:
3- If your distribution is notorious for lagging months or years behind (looking at you, all buntu based distros with that forged-in-hell apt system!) then think about changing your distribution.

digikam crash

I have been using Digikam for so many years. Every new version meant some forward steps until version 4. I have two computers running Digikam, one has opensuse 12.3 and the other kubuntu 14.04 and the same happens in both. Besides other troubles, the crash problem is so annoying that I decided to move back to version 3.. Back to good old days now!

I’m intrigued by the Mac

I’m intrigued by the Mac screenshot and notifier bugfix.
Is Digikam for Mac really ready for use or is it still rough around the edges?
Is the best way to get it still on Macports, which still has version 4.0.0?

Mac version still in beta stage but…

… it’s enough stable to be used in production. You can install mapcort version, but it’s not yet updated to last version. You can follow instructions from this page to compile current implementation with Macport.

The future goal is to provide a DMG installer for OSX, but currently, Macports rules to build DMG is broken.

Depressing : I tried to

Depressing : I tried to install digikam from macport and from git, no way to go further than the splash-screen… 4 days trying, cleaning, reinstalling, etc. it’s enough for me, I would have liked to try the soft, not it’s install.


My new Ubuntu crashes with 3.5.0 and the philip5/extra ppa. Maybe compiling myself?
Damn, do not want to move to darktable because of the filmrole conzept.

Backtrace ?

Which kind of GDB backtrace can you get when it crash ?

Look here for details : https://www.digikam.org/contrib

If you use my PPA you

If you use my PPA you shouldn’t have digikam 3.5 any more but most likely digikam 4.3 if you updated the packages right. Which version of ubuntu and KDE do you use?

Digikam 4.3 for Windows


I am one of many Windows users and am looking forward to the new digikam
version 4.3 .
so my question :
when is the 4.3 version downloaded as a Windows version ?


Wondering the same thing. The

Wondering the same thing. The original announcement has been two weeks ago, but the download-location still only contains tarballs and the 4.2.0-2 build.

I’d humbly like to request an installable build, too.


Hi, I Just discovered this fantastic program.
I was trying to undock the ‘map’ to display that on my second screen, but I can’t find any way to do that. Is it posible?
Thanks to all developers who created this!


This feature is not implemented…

Raw of Fujifilm X-T1

I recently bought a Fujifilm X -T1 .
I am disappointed that digikam does not read the raw of this unit. I have a friend who has an X -E1 / E2 and 2 raw are recognized .
What can I do ?

kind regards ,


1/ Try to update libraw library used by digiKam to decode RAW files.

2/ If it’s not enough, report this problem to libraw team (http://www.libraw.org).