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digiKam Software Collection 4.10.0 released…

by digiKam

Dear digiKam fans and users,

The digiKam Team is proud to announce the release of digiKam Software Collection 4.10.0. This release includes a new sets of bugs fixes from Maik Qualmann who maintain KDE4 version while KF5 port is under progress.

This version introduce also new interroperability patches made by Alan Pater to support ACDSee and MediaPro metadata.

See the new list of the issues closed in digiKam 4.10.0 available through the KDE Bugs-tracking System.

The digiKam software collection tarball and Windows installer can be downloaded from the KDE repository.

Have fun to use this new digiKam release.

digiKam Team…

Thank you Maik and Gilles

To be clear, Maik did most of the heavy lifting to support ACDSee Hierarchical keywords in digikam. Thanks!

Philip Johnsson’s extra PPA

4.10.0 is already available from Philip Johnsson’s extra PPA


I’m working on support for

I’m working on support for ubuntu 15.04 (vivid) too this time with digikam 4.10. Porting a few other updated packages that Digikam use at the same time. Hopefully those packages will be available in a few hours.


I’ll check back in a few hours then.


Just today discovered this software. Would love to try it. Need instructions on how to install it on my Windows7 system. I assume a ready-to-run (already compiled) version is available.

a couple of days

Check the download site in a couple of days for the newest Windows version. 4.9 is already there if you don’t need the new features of 4.10.

Here: http://download.kde.org/stable/digikam/

install digiKam

Thanks for your reply. I now find windows version 4.10 “installer” on the cited page. I also see there a version 4.10 .tar file. Do I need to download both. If so, where do they go?

Windows installer exe…

…is a stand alone application…

digiKam installation

Just download and run digiKam-installer-4.10.0-win32.exe and I’m done??
If so, that’s great!



Broken on Windows 7

Looks like that may not be the case. I can’t get it to function as designed on Windows 7 x64. It seems to be related to thumbnails. It works while it initially starts to build the thumbnails.digikam file, but never responds when you switch over to a screen in the program that may potentially have a thumbnail from one of your pictures. This makes it pretty much useless as a photo manager since displaying photos makes it stop working. The same issue existed in 4.9.0.

Doesnt work in win 8.1

Doesnt work in win 8.1 either.

After you added a collection, then browse to album, it loads outlines of the images and then doesnt respond.
After killing the program and process and restarting and try to import and it instantly crashes as well.

The crashing on import bug

The crashing on import bug has been around for all of 4.x. Have submitted bug and logs, nothing is done. Quite a shame as import from memory card is a critical function of a photo management app!

I am new to digiKam. I

I am new to digiKam. I downloaded the windows 4.10 version and installed it. However, it will not load. I have a toshiba, intel dual 2.0ghz, 4 gb ram and 1 TB hd. 64bit windows OS.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get this program to work?

More info?

Please give us more information: does the splash screen appear? Have you tried re-installing?

Thank you

I’m just fan and I like to thank you for great job. You’re amazing!