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digiKam Recipes 20.01.11 released

by Dmitri Popov

The first revision of the digiKam Recipes book in 2020 is here, and it packs new content.

The latest version of digiKam features the Healing Clone tool, and the Remove dust spots and imperfections with the Healing Clone tool part explains how to use this supremely useful feature. Starting with digiKam 6.4, you can use external RAW processing engines, and the Process RAW files with UFRaw part provides information on how to work with RAW photos using the UFRaw tool. Finally, Access digiKam remotely via SSH shows you how to access and use digiKam running on a remote machine.

All digiKam Recipes readers will receive the updated version of the book automatically and free of charge. The digiKam Recipes book is available from Google Play Store and Gumroad.