Convert Photos to Black and White with digiKam

If you fancy black and white photography, you'll be pleased to learn that digiKam features a rather powerful tool for converting color photos to black and white. Turning the currently edited photo to black and white in digiKam is a matter of choosing Color » Black & White. But in most cases, the converted photo needs additional tweaking, and the application offers a few nifty tools to do just that. Continue to read

DigiKam has migrated to git

Thanks to the marvelous job of our KDE sysadmins, digiKam is another project to join the git repository. All the code (digiKam, kipi-plugins) that lived in the SVN is no more accessible through SVN and all is part of git now. DigiKam and its dependencies live in several repos, but thanks to Marcel Wiesweg, you can use a nice small script, that will get you going:

1) Edit your ~/.gitconfig as given in
2) git clone digikam-sc
Enter the directory
3) Execute ./download-repos

We're planning to release one more version from 1.x branch in about two weeks, the last one, version 1.9.0. After that, all focus will go to the new 2.0 branch, which features new non-destructive editing with versioning support, face detection & recognition, extended geo-location features and scripting support. Second beta of this branch is already out and you're all more than welcome to join the testing!

DigiKam team

Sieve through Photos with digiKam’s Light Table Tool

If you have a handful of storage cards in your photo bag, there is no need to worry about how many photos you can take before your digital camera runs out of memory. This means that you can easily take dozen of shots of the same subject trying different angles, composition, and lighting. But this also makes the task of picking the best photo from the batch a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, digiKam provides a simple yet efficient tool that can help you to compare and analyze multiple photos side by side and pick the one you like most. Continue to read

digiKam Software Collection 2.0.0 beta2 is out...

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce the second digiKam Software Collection 2.0.0 beta release!


With this release, digiKam include Tags Keyboard Shorcuts feature to simplify tagging operations in your photograph workflow.

B3 Server

Keep Your Photos Safe and Share Them with Others

With digiKam, you can edit and manage photos, but how do you keep your processed and neatly organized shots safe and share them with others? Enter B3, a tiny yet powerful and flexible Linux-based server from the Swedish-based company Excito. This diminutive device provides a perfect solution for backing up your photos and sharing them with friends, family, or the entire Web. This device makes a perfect companion to digiKam.

Convert RAW Files to DNG with DNGConverter

digiKam comes with a nifty batch utility that allows you to convert RAW files to the DNG format. The question is, of course, why you would want to do that. After all, digiKam can handle RAW files without any problem, so what’s the point of adding one more step to your photographic workflow? Continue to read

kipi-plugins 1.8.0 released...

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce Kipi-plugins 1.8.0 !


kipi-plugins tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

See below the list of new features and bugs-fix coming with this release.

Enjoy digiKam.

digiKam 1.8.0 released...

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam 1.8.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

See below the list of bugs-fixes coming with this release.

Enjoy digiKam...

Use the Levels Adjustment Tool in digiKam

When it comes to tweaking photos, Levels is the most important weapon in digiKam’s arsenal. This tool lets you adjust brightness and contrast by specifying the location of complete black, complete white, and midtones in a histogram, which makes it a perfect tool for fixing under- and overexposed photos as well as improving the overall tonal range of a photo. Continue to read

5 Splash Screens to Spice up digiKam

Every new version of digiKam features its own unique splash screen. But you don’t have to wait for the next digiKam release to get a new splash screen. Here are a few ready-to-go designs created by your truly. Continue to read

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