video of new digiKam Light Table in action

The new digiKam Light Table is currently under finalization on KDE repository. digiKam 0.9.2-beta2 will be released in a near future and will include this new tool as well.

Today, i have released a new Flash capture of Light Table in action, used to compare similar pictures. Just click on preview below to show the file.

I would than thanks all photographs witch have help us to design the Light Table, and especially, Arnd, Julien, Oliver and Mik...



Could someone help me to find a link to the same topic at

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Unfortunately, I couldn't

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a discussion topic on myspace, but I find something interesting on Take a look at this:;_ylt=Ava.636zbI3WQ_Ff6BKCpwTpy6IX;_ylv=3?p=digiKam+Light+Table


What you have wrote here will

What you have wrote here will inspire not just me but everybody else how will read it.
Very nice post.

A. Gotin