Akademy 2008

I'm currently at Akademy 2008. The event is located in Belgium near Mechelen (south of Anvers).

This is really a big event about KDE community. It's very well organized (memorable social event in a Belgium brewery, with a lots of beer sponsored by Nokia who are connecting peoples really (:=)))...


It has been a great moment to meet Aaron Seigo, Tom Albers, Laurent Montel, and lots of others guys from the KDE team. It has been really a pleasure to share ideas to make future implemention in digiKam for KDE4. I have seen also the show of Zack Rusin, a very active and incredible coder who implement a new universal attraction layer for graphic card drivers.

I have also performed a talk about digiKam to present new features and components available in KDE4 version. It's been a very instructive moment to recieve feedbacks from digiKam users.


So, I would like to thank all the people who have made this event possible. I will book my place the next year to present future work on digiKam with all others team members.


Gilles, despite the fact we haven't spoken yet, I'm really glad you are here, you're coding one hell of an application!